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Louisville Shooting on John Madden’s Birthday – Cubs Connection

See my first post on this incident

The date of today’s shooting at Old National Bank is April 10th. This is the birthday of former NFL head coach and announcing legend John Madden:

The bank sits directly across the street from Louisville Slugger Field, a baseball stadium in Louisville, KY.

John Earl Madden = 1115 Fibonacci and 1524 Reverse Sumerian, Louisville Slugger Field = 1115 Fibonacci and Louisville KY = 1524 Trigonal

Old National Bank has headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Old National Bank and Chicago Illinois both = 89, 145, 260, and 388

The National League baseball team in Chicago is the Cubs. This is noteworthy because John Madden shares a name with Joseph John Maddon, who famously led the Cubs to their first World Series victory in over a century back in 2016:

Joe was born on February 8th, or 2/8, matching the Ordinal gematria of Bank:

Bank = 28 and Shooting = 107

The 28th Prime number is 107

Maddon helped the Cubs break their streak of 107 consecutive seasons without a championship.

The chief division rivals of the Cubs are the Reds and Cardinals. Louisville Slugger Field is home to a Minor League team of the Reds organization. Meanwhile, the University of Louisville’s mascot is the Cardinals.


Joe Maddon led the Cubs to a World Series victory in 2016 in Cleveland, home of the 216 area code.


In Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, the Cubs conducted a very bizarre “dick bump” ritual after David Ross, the only player on either team with 666 gematria, scored the Cubs’ 6th run in the 6th inning. Cleveland had 3 runs and their pitcher had even thrown 30 pitches.

"David Ross" = 666 (Sumerian)

Joe Maddon spells his last name with an O, giving us 666 gematria.

"Maddon" = 666 (Reverse Sumerian)

Today’s event near a Baseball stadium fell 66 weeks, 6 days after John Madden died:

"Baseball stadium" = 666 (Satanic)

"Six hundred and sixty six" = 2083 (Latin)

2083 is the 314th Prime number
3.14 are the first three digits of Pi

Three point one four = 235 and 888, John Earl Madden = 888

It’s been a span of 2350 days since the Cubs won the World Series, and 235 days after the release of Madden ‘23:

The number Six six six sums to 87 in Reverse when spelled out.

"Six six six" = 87 (Reverse)

The Cubs clinched the World Series with an 8-7 victory in extra innings:

The shooting right outside the Stadium was at Old National Bank.

"Stadium" = 87 (Ordinal)

"Old National Bank" = 870 (Sumerian)

John Madden would have turned 87 years old today:

Lunar Coding

In Ordinal, John Madden‘s full name sums to 124.

"John Earl Madden" = 124 (Ordinal)

This is the first week of Brown Lunation # 1240:

Louisville Slugger Field opened on the 12th of April, or 12/4/00:

April 12th can be written as either 12/4 or 4/12, each syncing up with Joseph Maddon.

Joseph Maddon = 124 and 412

The last Total solar eclipse fell on the date December 4th, or 12/4.

The shooting at Old National was 70 weeks, 2 days after the 12/4 Total solar eclipse:

"Old National" = 702 (Sumerian)

The shooter’s name is now being reported as Connor Sturgeon, which has matching 72 / 72 gematria with Joseph John Maddon.

Connor Sturgeon = 72, 72, and 180, Joseph John Maddon = 72 and 72, Old National = 180

“Baseball” Numbers

John Earl Madden died on a date with Standard numerology of 61:(12) + (28) + (21) = 61

"John Earl Madden" = 61 (Reduction)

Today is 61 days after Joe Maddon’s birthday:

"Active shooter" = 61 (Reduction)

61 is the 18th Prime number

Baseball = 18 and 171

The 18th Triangular number is 171

Joseph John Maddon and Craig Greenberg both = 171

Prior to 2016, the Cubs had not made it to the World Series since ’45.

"Cubs" = 45 (Ordinal)

John Madden died on a date with Primary numerology of 81 and 45:(12) + (28) + (20) + (21) = 81 and (12) + (28) + 2+0+2+1 = 45

These are numbers Joe Maddon shares with Louisville mayor Greenberg.

Greenberg and Joe Maddon both = 45, 81, and 162, Joseph John Maddon = 81 and Louisville = 162

Note the matching values of 162. Each team in Major League Baseball plays 162 games per season.

Major League Baseball = 162, Baseball = 162 and 162, MLB = 162

Joe Maddon was born in ’54

Baseball = 54 and 54

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