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Guitarist Mark Sheehan of The Script Dies @ 46

The Script guitarist Mark Sheehan dead at 46

Sheehan died a span of 199 days before his next birthday:

199 is the 46th Prime number

Mark Sheehan’s next birthday has a Life Lesson number of 46:(10) + (29) + 2+0+2+3 = 46

"The Script" = 46 (Reduction)

"Sacrifice" = 46 (Reduction)

The Script guitarist Mark Sheehan was exactly 46 years, 24 weeks old:

"Mark Sheehan" = 204 (Capitals Mixed)

He was also exactly 2424 weeks old:

Sheehan was a Scorpio, ruled by the planet Mars. He was 24 Martian years old (orbital period ~687 days).

The 24th Prime number is 89

"The Script guitarist" = 89 (Reduction)

He died on the 14th of April, or 14/4.

144 is the 12th Fibonacci number
144 is the 12th Square number

Mark Anthony Sheehan = 1200 Sumerian and 569 Caps Mixed

569 is the 104th Prime number

April 14th, or 4/14, is the 104th day of the year:

Sheehan founded The Script alongside frontman Danny O’Donoghue.

ODonoghue = 414 Latin and 104 Ordinal

O’Donoghue is 193 days after his birthday, which is the 44th Prime number. “Forty-four” = 144 like today’s 14/4 date.

It’s said that Mark Sheehan died following a Brief illness:Much loved husband, father, brother, band mate and friend Mark Sheehan passed away today in hospital after a brief illness. The family and group ask fans to respect their privacy at this tragic time.

Mark Sheehan and Brief illness both = 194 and 58

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