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Damar Hamlin Appears on The Masked Singer

Damar Hamlin delights with surprise ‘Masked Singer’ appearance

The episode discusssed in this article aired on March 15th, or 3/15.

"Hamlin" = 315 (Reverse Satanic)

Damar Hamlin was the Buffalo Bills player who allegedly suffered commotio cordis during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals towards the end of this past NFL season. See my video on the remarkable numerology of that incident if you haven’t already.

The video explores how Hamlin’s collapse was connected to the Eclipse Crucifixion Code, which is centered around the Total Solar Eclipse of November 30th, 1331. Check out this post to learn why 1331 is the ultimate “Eclipse” number.

The number 1331 was coded into Hamlin’s age for his Masked Singer appearance.

Damar Hamlin was 1303 weeks, 1 day old:

The 1331 eclipse belonged to Solar Saros # 102The Masked Singer made its television debut on January 2nd, written 1/02, which is the same date that Hamlin collapsed:

His TV appearance fell 10 weeks, 2 days after his on-field collapse:

Earlier this month, The Masked Singer aired its 102nd episode. The theme was “New York Night”, which stands out because Hamlin’s Bills play in the state of New York:

Sesame Street / Masonry

Last night’s Masked Singer episode was also synced up to that 1331 eclipse. The theme of the show was Sesame Street Night:

Sesame Street was 53 years, 125 days old for its Masked Singer tribute:

Masked Singer = 53 and 125

Sesame Street Night has Fibonacci gematria of 691.

"Sesame Street Night" = 691 (Fibonacci)

Hamlin’s appearance fell 691 years, 105 days after the 1331 Eclipse:

Masonry = 691 and 105

A primary tenet of Masonry is explained by the motto Circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds.

Circumscribe our desires and keep our passions within due bounds = 1331, 666, and 333

Hamlin was born 666 years, 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days after the eclipse and Tee Higgins was born 243,666 days after it:

243 is like 24/3, which is Damar Hamlin’s birthday (March 24th).

Tamaurice William Higgins = 243 and 144

Hamlin has Primary birth numerology of 144:(3) + (24) + (19) + (98) = 144

March 15th was exactly 219 weeks after the 2019 debut of The Masked Singer:

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