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Aaron Rodgers Announces Intent to Play for Jets on Pat McAfee

A Super Bowl-winning quarterback who spent 15 seasons as a starter in Green Bay is now being traded to the Jets? Does this sound familiar?

In the alphabetic order, Green Bay Packers sums to 150.

"Green Bay Packers" = 150 (Ordinal)

15 years ago, the same thing happened to Hall of Fame quarterback Brett Favre, Rodgers’ predecessor in the land of cheese.

Jets acquire Favre from Packers for conditional draft pick

It appears as if this scenario has been re-created for 2023.

"Brett Favre" = 2023 (Squares)

223 is the 48th Prime number

"New York Jets" = 48 (Reduction)

"New York" = 48 (KV Exception)

The Trade was announced on the Pat McAfee Show, often abbreviated PMS.

Trade and PMS both = 48 Ordinal

Today’s interview fell 48 days before McAfee’s birthday:

48 is 4×12

Favre wore #4, and Rodgers wears #12. The 412 area code was the original dialing code assigned to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which is McAfee’s hometown.

What makes this all so particularly interesting?

Pat McAfee Show and Brett Favre both = 999 and 63

Brett Favre is currently suing the Pat McAfee Show for defamation:Brett Favre suing Shannon Sharpe, Pat McAfee claiming defamation over Mississippi welfare scandal, per report

Shannon Sharpe and Brett Favre were born 1 year, 107 days apart:

These men are remarkably connected through the standard Ordinal cipher.

Quarterback and Brett Favre both = 117

Quarterback Brett Favre was born 17 years, 204 days before Patrick Justin McAfee:

"Patrick Justin McAfee" = 204 (Ordinal)

Brett Favre has Reverse gematria of 153.

"Brett Favre" = 153 (Reverse)

The Green Bay Packers – New York Jets move was announced on March 15th, written 15/3 or 3/15.

Green Bay Packers New York Jets = 315, Jets = 315

These are the same digits that Pat McAfee Show shares with Aaron Rodgers in Ordinal.

Pat McAfee Show, Aaron Rodgers, and Green Bay Packers New York Jets all = 135

Jordan Love

Jordan Alexander Love has strong gematric overlap with the number Eighty-nine.

Eighty nine = 116, 154, and 623, Jordan Love = 116 and 154, Jordan Alexander Love = 623 Reverse Caps Mixed

Jordan Love is a span of 8900 days old:

89 is the 24th Prime number

Patrick Justin McAfee = 204 and McAfee = 24

Jordan Love was born exactly 179 months after Aaron Rodgers:

McAfee was born during Rodgers’ 179th week since birth. Brett Favre has Latin gematria of 1079.

"Brett Favre" = 1079 (Latin)

179 is the 41st Prime number

"Green Bay" = 41 (Reduction)

Rodgers was born a span of exactly 4 years, 1 month after Green Bay coach Matt LaFleur:

His McAfee appearance had Standard date numerology of 41:(3) + (15) + (23) = 41

Rodgers = 41 and 103

41 is the 13th Prime number

Rodgers was 103 days after his birthday:

One must wonder if a deal will be formally announced tomorrow, 3/16.

"Rodgers" = 316 (Latin)

Pat McAfee

"The Pat McAfee Show" = 1212 (Standard)

Rodgers wears #12:

"Green Bay" = 540 (Latin)

Aaron will be going to the Jets to make room for the quarterback Green Bay drafted in 2020, Love.

Love and Jets both = 54, 54, 18, and 495

Love’s full name sums to 313.

"Jordan Alexander Love" = 313 (Reverse)

Rodgers was 3 months, 13 days after his birthday:

"Patrick McAfee" = 313 (Latin)

When the Packers traded Brett Favre to the Jets in 2008, it was in the late hours of August 6th, or 8/6:

Was it a conscious or subconscious act that led this number to be coded into the name of the video?

Aaron Rodgers Says Hes Decided To Join Jets Packers Trade Talks Reason Trade Isnt Done = 806 Ordinal

Aaron and Rodgers both = 86

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