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Drummer Jeremiah Green Dies Shortly After Cancer News

Modest Mouse drummer Jeremiah Green dead at 45

See my first post on this story from the date his diagnosis was first announced. Just four days after we learned of his condition, he has reportedly passed away.

He died on December 31st, or 12/31
1231 is the 202nd Prime number

Green Bay Wisconsin = 202 and Wisconsin = 1231

Jeremiah Green

Although he never actually played in a game, there was an NFL player named Jeremiah Green. Jeremiah is the brother of Virgil Green, who did make the League, and was born on a date with Primary numerology of 118.

Green died a span of 237 days after Jeremiah Green’s birthday and 150 days after Virgil Green’s birthday:

In Ordinal, Vincent Thomas Lombardi = 237 and Green Bay Packers = 150

As I had already explained, this story is a riddle connected to Green Bay Packers‘ coach Vincent Thomas Lombardi. Jeremiah died the same day as journalist Barbara Walters.

"Barbara Walters" = 237 (Reverse)

Personal Synchronicity

In February of 2021, I made this post about how the death of actor Dustin Diamond, who spent most of his life after Saved by the Bell living in Port Washington, Wisconsin, was numerically connected to the 2014 death of my uncle from cancer in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

That synchronicity was actually a very powerful one for me. It came less than two months after the death of my eldest uncle, who appeared to have suffered from complications of a ventilator following his COVID diagnosis, and I was looking for a little more peace about the circumstances.

Back in 2008, my oldest brother’s high school sweetheart and first wife Laura passed away at the age of just 37 after a year-long bout with Cancer.

Laura and Cancer both = 37

Thanks to a remarkable coincidence, I was able to move in just two doors down from my brother and his wife a couple of months after her cancer diagnosis. This meant that for the entire 2007-08 Packers season, I spent every Sunday at their house. It allowed me to spend a lot of quality time with Laura prior to her unfortunate passing.

She battled the disease with tremendous courage, and tried to keep her suffering as far out of sight as possible. The Packers found surprising success that year, surging to a 13-3 record. The season’s excitement provided a little extra boost and something to look forward to every weekend.

On January 20th, the Packers’ hopes fizzled out with a Jason Tynes field goal in overtime against the New York Giants, who went on to end the Patriots’ perfect season in the Super Bowl. The following week, we lost Laura in the morning hours of January 28th.

I tell this story because the death of Jeremiah Green seems to be connected to all of this. Green was born on March 4th, which is my oldest brother’s birthday. Green’s death was connected to Vince Lombardi, which is a Supermatch to my brother’s name in the four base ciphers.

Laura was born exactly 25 weeks before Vince Lombardi died, and my brother was born exactly 26 weeks after he died. There’s a lot more interesting numbers I don’t care to spend time puking out at the moment, but just the fact that their birthdays essentially surrounded Lombardi’s death, and then we had that wonderful season only to see how it all ties together…it’s such a beautiful thing. Yes, this world is full of terrible sadness and grief, and no, we’ll never know exactly why that is while we’re here. But there must be a reason for it, and synchronicity provides the signs we need to see this.

Jeremiah Martin Green died 19,113 days after Vince Lombardi:

Jeremiah Martin Green = 193 and 113

Laura passed at 3:12 a.m., like her birthday of 3/12. The first Packer game to be played after Laura’s passing was the first time anyone other than Brett Favre had started at quarterback in 15 years. The new quarterback was Aaron Rodgers.

"Aaron Charles Rodgers" = 312 (Reverse)

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