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“Walmart” Theme Continues with Shooting in Virginia

Walmart employee in Chesapeake, Virginia kills 6 with pistol, police say

Ever wonder why mass shootings at public businesses only ever seem to occur at big corporate national chains, and never some local mom-and-pop store?

This shooting happened late last night, but it’s dominating the headlines this morning, November 23rd.

Today is a span of exactly 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks after the Walmart shooting in El Paso:

"Walmart" = 333 (Satanic)

This particular Walmart is located on Sam’s Circle. Sam is the name of Walmart’s founder.

The shooting fell exactly 30 years, 33 weeks after Sam Walton died (or 11188 days):

Last night’s shooting was on the anniversary of the JFK assassination.

JFK assassination = 747 Satanic and 187 Ordinal

Sam Walton died at the age of 74 years, 7 days, and 10870 days after he founded Walmart:

Last night’s incident was in Chesapeake. The city has matching 188 gematria with the Walmart Shooter in El Paso, Patrick Crusius.

"Chesapeake" = 188 (Latin), "Walmart shooter" = 188 (Ordinal) and "Patrick Crusius" = 188 (Ordinal)

UPDATE: The shooter’s name has been revealed to be Andre Bing.

"Andre Bing" = 188 (Latin)

226 / 39

Initial reports of the shooting from El Paso had claimed 20 dead, 26 injured. The city has Extended gematria that syncs up extremely well with Chesapeake’s mayor, Rick West.

El Paso = 226 and 266, Richard Wayne West = 2626 and 2266

Sacrifice = 206 and 226

Today’s news falls 22060 days after Walmart Inc was founded:

"Walmart Inc" = 226 (Capitals Mixed)

Today is also a span of 38,226 days after Walmart founder Sam Walton was born:

The actual date of the shooting had a Life Lesson number of 39 and also left 39 days on the calendar:(11) + (22) + 2+0+2+2 = 39

39 × 39 = 1521

The address for this Walmart is 1521:

JFK Riddles

Last night was a span of 128 days before Sam Walton’s birthday:

Last night’s shooting fell on the anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

"John F Kennedy" = 1208 (Latin)

The two Walmart mass shootings were separated by 1208 days:

It was exactly 59 years after John F. Kennedy (a.k.a. Jack Kennedy) was shot, and was a span of 5 years, 9 days after the mayor of Chesapeake took office:

John F Kennedy and Jack Kennedy both = 59

Walmart was founded a span of 509 days before JFK was killed:

"Second amendment" = 59 (Reduction)

"Kill" = 59 (Latin)

Kennedy was elected in the year 1960. This syncs up with the gematria of both the mayor’s name and the city he governs.

Richard Wayne West and Chesapeake both = 196

"Virginia Walmart shooting" = 2022 (Reverse Sumerian)

Patrick Wood Crusius, JFK assassination, and Helicopter crash all = 245

Eclipse Coding

JFK was born on May 29th and died on November 22nd:

May 29th and November 22nd were the dates of the two solar eclipses in 1919:

Notice the remarkable length of these eclipses. The total eclipse from May was the longest one in over 500 years. The annular eclipse was the longest in nearly three full centuries.

1919 is the gematria of Patrick Wood Crusius, the full name of the El Paso Walmart shooter.

"Patrick Wood Crusius" = 1919 (Standard)

In my post on the ultimate Eclipse number, I point out why the number 1919 is so important to eclipses, as it is part of the 1331 Eclipse code.

"One thousand three hundred thirty one" = 1919 (Latin) and "Eclipse" = 192 (Latin)

Last night was 1919 days after the first Great American Total Solar Eclipse (or a span of 1920 days):

Eclipses are often separated by exactly 19 years, the length of a Metonic cycle. This was a number coded into Walmart Shooter Patrick Crusius from the year ’19.

Walmart shooter, Patrick Crusius, and Solar eclipse all = 190 Reverse

The 19th card in a Tarot deck is The Sun.

The word Sun has matching 54 gematria with JFK and Chesapeake mayor Rick West.

Sun, JFK, and Rick West all = 54

The shooting was a span of 504 days before the next Total solar eclipse, and today is 503 days before it:

John Kennedy = 53, Solar eclipse = 53 and 503

Fibonacci Day

Today’s date, November 23rd, is called “Fibonacci Day”, as 11/23 contains the first four Fibonacci numbers – 112, and 3:Fun Holiday – Fibonacci Day November 23 is Fibonacci Day, an annual holiday that honors one of the most influential mathematicians of the Middle Ages - Leonardo Bonacci.

"Walmart Inc" = 1184 (Latin)

The shooting occurred at Walmart Inc. store # 1841:

One thousand eight hundred forty one = 377 Ordinal, Fibonacci = 377 Satanic

377 is a Fibonacci number

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