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Actor Jason David Frank of Power Rangers Fame Dies @ 49


Actor Jason David Frank has reportedly committed suicide at the age of 49. This comes as a surprise to many of his fans, who seem to be overwhelmingly fond of the genuine appreciation he seemed to have had for his fans.

Frank was known for playing the Green Ranger. News of his death broke on November 20th, which marked the beginning of this year’s FIFA World Cup. It’s the most popular sporting event in the world, meaning there will be a lot of the color Green on people’s televisions for the next month.

Equally surprised by the suicide of a 49-year-old were fans of Aussie’s NRL, who woke up in August to news of the death of rugby star Paul Green:Paul Green Commits Suicide At 49, Everything to Know About The Rugby League Star

So the Green Ranger dies at 49 from suicide just three months after Paul Green died at 49 from suicide. The name Green sums to 49. (the fact that this is the “Green” cipher on my website is probably a coincidence…)

"Green" = 49 (Ordinal)

Jason David Frank was born on the 4th of September, written 4/9 or 9/4.

Jason David Frank = 149, 94, and 806

His birthday had Standard numerology of 86:(9) + (4) + (73) = 86

"Green" = 86 (Reverse)

In Ordinal, Green Ranger sums to 112. He died on the same day that the World Cup began.

"Green Ranger" = 112 (Ordinal)

"World Cup" = 112 and 40

112 and 40 was the birth numerology of Paul Green:(9) + (12) + (19) + (72) = 112 and (9) + (12) + 1+9+7+2 = 40

Paul Green would die on a date with numerology of 14 and 41, which are the Reverse values of World Cup:8 + 1+1 + 2+2 = 14 and (8) + (11) + (22) = 41

World Cup = 104 and 41 Reverse

The World Cup is a celebration of the sport of Football, as the rest of the world correctly calls it.

Football = 29 and 83

His death fell 29 years, 83 days after the premiere of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers:

"Murder" = 83 (Reverse)

More Alignments

Green was born on the 256th day of a leap year, syncing up with Jason David Frank in Reverse:"Jason David Frank" = 256 (Reverse)

Green died on the 11th of August, or 118. Frank was born on the date leaving 118 days in the year:

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

Frank matches Paul Green in gematria.

"Frank" = 99 (Capitals Mixed)

"Paul Green" = 99 (Ordinal)

Paul Green was born on the 12th of September, written as 12/9 in Australia.

"Ninety nine" = 129 (Ordinal)

Colorado Shooting Alignments

Frank died on November 19th, which was the same date the nightclub shooting in Colorado began. This post explains how these two events were connected.

The name Jason Frank is a supermatch with Colorado governor Jared Polis in the base ciphers, including the numbers of Sacrifice in Reduction.

Jason Frank and Jared Polis both = 109, 161, 46, and 62

Sacrifice = 46 and 62

My first post on that false flag explained how it was constructed by the Ritual sacrifice code.

"Ritual sacrifice" = 616 (Latin)

Jason Frank was born a span of 616 days before Jared Polis:

"Jared Polis" = 919 (Latin)

The Club Q shooting was 6 years, 160 days after the Pulse shooting:

Colorado and Power Rangers both = 616 Fibonacci

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