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NASA Reveals Photo of “Smiling” Sun

NASA takes image of 'smiling' sun – but it's no laughing matter

On Halloween, a date where many people have pumpkins with faces carved into them on their porch, NASA posted this image of the Sun on the left:

National mainstream outlets published this story on October 31st, which is written internationally as 10/31. Consider how the Corona virus was declared a global pandemic on March 11th, or 3/11.

"Coronal mass ejection" = 113 (Reverse Reduction)

The article states that there were 23 coronal mass ejections this week:NASA posted on social media that three solar flares were detected in the past week as of Oct. 30, along with 23 coronal mass ejections. The three-minute video shared from NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory gave viewers a look at the smiling sun.

The 23rd Prime number is 83

"Society of Jesus" = 83 (Single Reduction)

This image was taken one day after the last Solar eclipse. Today has Primary numerology of 83 and 47:

(10) + (31) + (20) + (22) = 83 and (10) + (31) + 2+0+2+2 = 47

Smiling = 83 and 47, Smiling sun = 47

The 47th Prime number is 211

"Coronal mass ejection" = 211 (Ordinal)

The image was reportedly taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, which was launched in 2010 on the date February 11th, or 2/11. The Sun’s Magic Square sums to 666:

Six hundred sixty six = 211 and 95

"Halloween" = 95 (Ordinal)

Today is a span of 95 days after NASA’s anniversary:

“Coronal Holes”

Today is a span of 263 days after February 11th:

263 is the 56th Prime number

NASA says it appears as a Smiling sun due to Coronal holes.

"Coronal holes" = 56 (Reduction)

"Society of Jesus" = 56 (Reduction)

NASA takes image of smiling sun but its no laughing matter

Today is the date leaving 61 days on the calendar:

Coronal holes and Smiling sun both = 137, 65, and 61

137 is the 33rd Prime number

"Sun" = 330 (Latin) and "The Sun" = 33 (Single Reduction)

NASA takes image of smiling sun but its no laughing matter

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