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Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Paul Attacked With Hammer

Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, attacked with hammer at home

UPDATE: It’s been revealed that the man accused of perpetrating this Hammer attack is David DePape.

"Hammer attack" = 210 (Reverse)

"David DePape" = 210 (Reverse)

It happened in San Francisco, California, at the home he shares with his wife Nancy Patricia Pelosi.

San Francisco California and Nancy Patricia Pelosi both = 210 and 102

Paul Pelosi was born on April 15th, which is the same date that San Francisco was incorporated:

“Hammer” Riddles

On the other side of San Francisco Bay is the city of Oakland, which is home to famous 90’s rapper MC Hammer.

Hammer’s real name Stanley Kirk Burrell sums to 80.

"Stanley Kirk Burrell" = 80 (Reduction)

The attack occurred on a date with Primary numerology of 80:(10) + (28) + (20) + (22) = 80

Nancy Pelosi is the current Speaker of the House.

Speaker of the House = 197 and 80

Paul Francis Pelosi was attacked 197 days after his birthday (or 196 without the end date):

Paul Francis Pelosi = 196 and 79

MC Hammer’s most famous single was called U Can’t Touch This.

Just hours before the attack, the Golden State Warriors played the Miami Heat on a date with Primary numerology of 79:(10) + (27) + (20) + (22) = 79

"Miami" = 79 (Latin) and "Miami Heat" = 79 (Ordinal)

"Heat Warriors" = 79 (Reverse Reduction)

Even the Thursday Night Football game last night was between the Ravens and Tampa Bay.

Ravens and Tampa Bay both = 79 Ordinal

79 is the 22nd Prime number

“TB” = 22 lost with 22 points. This is of course still the year ’22.

National Football League = 220, Basketball and Oakland both = 22

The 79th Prime number is 401

Today is exactly 401 Lunar phases after U Can’t Touch This came out:

Moon and David DePape both = 210, 57, and 51

The Warriors won by a score of 123-110:

The Warriors won by 13. The 13th Fibonacci number is 233, which is the total number of points scored in the game.

233 is the Ordinal value Paul Francis Pelosi Sr. shares with MC Hammer’s real name Stanley Kirk Burrell.

Paul Francis Pelosi Sr and Stanley Kirk Burrell both = 233, 89, and 118

Would you believe that the spokesperson for Pelosi following this hammer attack is named Drew Hammill?

Hammer’s Age

In 1990, MC Hammer released a record called Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em, a title which seems relevant to this story.

That album’s release fell on February 12th, or 2/12:

Pelosi was hurt by a hammer 212 days after Hammer’s birthday:

This album is what launched Hammer into superstardom, as it featured the hit single U Can’t Touch This.

Today is 212 days before the 33rd anniversary of U Can’t Touch This:

MC Hammer has some pretty strong alignments in his age. Check out how old he is today:

Today’s date can be written as 22/10/28
It can also be written as 28/10
is the 60th Prime number
MC Hammer is 60 years old

Hammer is also a span of 154 days before his 61st birthday: "Hammer" = 154 (Latin)

154 is 22×7

"MC Hammer" = 227 (Standard)

Note the strong overlap between Oakland, California and MC Hammer.

"Stanley Burrell" = 58 (Reduction)

Oakland = 58 and Hammer = 58, Oakland California = 74 and MC Hammer = 74

While reading up on MC Hammer, I was fascinated to learn that he was a bat boy for the Oakland A’s, and that a major leaguer gave him his nickname Little Hammer as a kid, due to his resemblance to Brewers slugger Hammerin’ Hank Aaron. Home runs and Kings have been a big theme this year, with Charles III becoming the new King while Aaron Judge broke Roger Maris’s American League home run record.


Today’s attack on Mr. Pelosi seems to have been foreshadowed several years ago.

Back in May of 2016, the Independent posted this ridiculous article telling us that rapper MC Hammer was not actually a fan of hammers:MC Hammer not actually a fan of hammers

This is from May 25th, 2016, which was 77 months, 3 days before the husband of the Speaker of the House was attacked by a hammer:

"Speaker of the House" = 773 (Latin)

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