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GOP Nominee Herschel Walker Acknowledges Payment to Woman

In an exclusive Meet the Press interview, Herschel Walker acknowledged that a $700 check paid to a woman he formerly had a relationship with was indeed his.

This clip was uploaded on October 16th, or 10/16:

Herschel and Walker both = 1016

This interview is now circulating the headlines today, October 17th, or 10/17.

GOP = 117 Latin and Primes

Today’s date can also be written as 17/10. Walker is a winner of the Heisman Trophy.

Heisman Trophy = 171, Heisman = 69 and 33

Walker’s birthday is 3/3. Today has Primary numerology of 69 and 33:(10) + (17) + (20) + (22) = 69 and (10) + (17) + 2+0+2+2 = 33

In the ultra-significant Latin method, Herschel sums to 219.

"Herschel" = 219 (Latin)

Today is a span of 219 days after the anniversary of the discovery of Uranus:


The name Herschel has significance in astronomical history. The man credited with discovering the planet Uranus was William Herschel. Both men have full names that sum to 1410.

"Herschel Junior Walker" = 1410 (Sumerian) and "Frederick William Herschel" = 1410 (Latin)

Frederick William Herschel discovered Uranus on a date with Primary numerology of 114:(3) + (13) + (17) + (81) = 114

Herschel Walker was picked 114th in the 1985 NFL Draft.

William Herschel would have been 103700 days old for the interview:

"GOP" = 137 (Standard)

137 is the 33rd Prime number
Herschel Walker was born on March 3rd, or 3/3

Herschel Walker and Thirty-three both = 895

3/3 is the 62nd day of the year, and Walker was born in Augusta, Georgia in the year ’62:

"Augusta Georgia" = 62 (Reduction)

"Georgia" = 62 (Ordinal)

In ancient Hebrew, Uranus has Ordinal gematria of 62.

Uranus = 62 Hebrew Ordinal

Walker is running for the GOP, or the “right”. This story is in the headlines the same day that Kanye Omari West is in the news for purchasing Parler, an “alt-right” social media platform.Kanye West to acquire conservative social media platform Parler

Kanye Omari West = 62 and 1781

Uranus was discovered in 1781

Walker is running for a Georgia U.S. Senate seat in the year ’22.

"Uranus" = 22 (Reduction)

Uranus was discovered on the 13th of March, or 13/3. That date can also be written as 3/13, and 313 is the 65th Prime number.

Twenty twenty two = 133 and 65

Date Connections

Herschel Walker previously served as a member of Donald Trump‘s cabinet.

Herschel Walker = 1380 and Donald Trump = 138

The interview aired 138 days (or 139 w/ end date) before his next birthday:

Herschel = 138, Walker = 139, Seven hundred = 139

News of the interview is circulating headlines today, which is a span of 229 days after his birthday:

229 is the 50th Prime number

Walker is denying claims that the $700 check he issued was to cover the costs of an Abortion.

"Abortion" = 50 (Reverse Reduction)

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