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British PM Liz Truss Already on the Hot Seat

Factbox: How could British PM Truss be removed, and how would she be replaced?

The new British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, assumed her new role on September 6th, just two days before the death of Queen Elizabeth II. This is particularly noteworthy because not only did she meet the Queen on that date, but Truss’s full name is Mary Elizabeth Truss, while the Queen’s was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.When Mary Elizabeth Truss met Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, she was 17210 days old:"Mary Elizabeth Truss" = 1721 (Latin)Elizabeth was also 47 years, 43 days old when she met Queen Elizabeth:Killing and Elizabeth both = 43 and 47Liz = 47, The Grim Reaper = 470, Grim Reaper = 407

She replaced controversial British PM Boris Johnson, whose term lasted 1140 days:"British PM" = 114 (Ordinal)"Prime Minister Liz Truss" = 114 (Reduction)"Elizabeth" = 114 (Capitals Added)This means Johnson was in office for a span of exactly 163 weeks:"Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson" = 163 (Single Reduction)

163 is the 38th Prime number"Truss" = 38 (Reverse)

This is a significant number connected to Death.Death, Killing, Murder, and RIP all = 38When Truss met Elizabeth II the same day she took office, it’s almost as if Death was paying the Queen a visit:

Truss = 97 Reverse and Fibonacci, Death = 97

Their birthdays are separated by a span of 97 days (or 96 without the end date):

The Reaper = 96 Ordinal, Grim Reaper = 960 Reverse Sumerian

They met on September 6th, or 9/6
The Queen died at age 96

The Queen’s meeting with Truss was at a span of exactly 5029 weeks of age:"Murder" = 529 (Standard)"Liz" = 529 (Latin)Truss = 790 and 34, Murder = 79 and 34

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