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Phoenix Owner Robert Sarver Suspended for Use of “N-word”

Suns, Mercury Gov. Robert Sarver Suspended for 1 Year, Fined $10M After NBA Probe

This story is about Robert Sarver, who has matching 213 gematria with.

Robert Sarver = 213 Caps Added, Racism = 213 Latin

Sarver is the owner of the Phoenix Suns.

Suns = 213 Satanic

Today is 420 days after the Suns lost in the NBA Finals:

Suns = 420 Latin

It’s being reported that he repeatedly used The N-word. Today has Standard numerology of 44, and is the date leaving 109 days on the calendar:(9) + (13) + (22) = 44

The N word = 44 and 109, Sarver = 109

Sarver has Standard birth numerology of 102:(10) + (31) + (61) = 102

Nigger and Slavery both = 102

Today is 317 days after Robert’s birthday:

Robert = 317 Latin

He also owns the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury.

Mercury = 317 Fibonacci

Today has Primary numerology of 64. The 64th Prime number is 311, and Sarver was born on the 31st of October, or 31/10.

Eclipse Code

Major stories about the Phoenix Suns are typically connected to the Eclipse code for obvious reasons. The Suns were knocked out of the 2021 Finals on July 20th, which was the anniversary of the Moon landing.

N word and Total solar eclipse both = 704 and 74

Today is 5 years, 23 days after the first Great American Eclipse:

523 is the 99th Prime number

Suns = 99 Caps Added

Today is 9 months, 9 days (or 283 days) after the last Total solar eclipse:

Racism = 99 Reverse, Racist = 283 Latin

Today is a span of exactly 82 weeks before the second Great American Eclipse:

Robert Sarver = 82 Reverse

The second Great American Eclipse falls 82 lunar phases after the first.

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