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Trump Sues Government for Mar-a-Lago Raid

Trump asks for a 'special master' to review Mar-a-Lago evidence

As the headline states, Trump has requested a Special Master to step in regarding the FBI’s raid on his residence. This post will examine how this week’s big news about Mar-a-LAGO is a riddle connected to the LEGO Movie, a 2014 film with tons of predictive programming where the arch nemesis is a man called President Business. Trump was the most prominent businessman hold the presidency in modern times:

Change.org even had a petition to legally change Donald Trump‘s name to President Business:Legally change Donald Trump's name/official title to President Business

Donald Trump = 138, President Business = 1308

President Business is voiced by actor John William Ferrell, who not only shares the name “John” with the former president, but also has the same Trigonal gematria as Donald John Trump.

Donald John Trump and John William Ferrell both = 1479 Trigonal

The main character of that film is Emmet Brickowski. Other Legos believe he is the fulfillment of a prophesy for someone called “The Special“, and later on he becomes a Master builder. Eight and a half years after the LEGO Movie made it to theaters, Trump is now asking for a Special Master.

Why is eight and a half years so significant? After the film’s opening sequence, it fast forwards eight and a half years to complete the rest of the story:

Just one day before the raid, it had been exactly eight and a half years since the LEGO Movie’s release:

Mar-a-Lago, FL = 86 Ordinal

A major character in the LEGO Movie is Batman:

Trump famously said he was Batman during his first presidential campaign. Both characters were billionaires before trying to save the world. The media has been suspiciously quick to compare the two, with just a couple of the many examples seen here:Newsmax host compares Donald Trump to Batman

10 Reasons Donald Trump is actually Batman

The Robin to Trump's Batman is expected to make a plea deal

Coronavirus Riddle

We’re told that Bats are the reason we got COVID-19 in the year 2020, when the Coronavirus pandemic caused by Orthocoronavirinae was remedied by Operation Warp Speed under Donald John Trump.

Coronavirus pandemic, Orthocoronavirinae, Operation Warp Speed, and Donald John Trump all = 220

Trump’s residence was raided on the 220th day of the year:

Master and Legos both = 22

The lawsuit was filed on the 22nd of the month, in the year ’22. The number 22 is called the Master Builder number.

Master Builder number = 220

Trump = 700 Standard, Master Builder number = 700 Primes

In Latin, this phrase sums to 983.

Master Builder number = 983 Latin

Trump’s lawsuit fell 893 days after declaring a national emergency for “Coronavirus” = 1303 on 13/03 that year:

It’s certainly no coincidence that the lawsuit was filed the exact same day that Anthony Fauci announced he will be stepping down as the director of NIAID in December.

I also found it interesting that Trump sued the government exactly two weeks after the raid. Two weeks is also known as a fortnight. One of the world’s most popular video games is called Fortnite, where players who are “master builders” are considered the best:

More LEGO Movie Connections

In gematria, Donald Trump has many connections to Emmet Brickowski, the LEGO Movie’s main character, who is voiced by actor Chris Pratt.

Emmet Brickowski and Donald John Trump both = 68

Mar-a-Lago = 68 Ordinal

The 68th Prime number is 337

Donald was born 33 years, 7 days before Chris Pratt:

The two men also share gematria.

Chris Pratt and Donald Trump both = 138 and 60

Furthermore, Donald Trump connects to Brickowski in multiple methods.

Donald Trump = 48 and 1163, Trump = 470
Donald Trump
was born on 14/6

Brickowski = 48, 1163, 470, and 146

Remember when Trump was impeached with a 17-23 vote at the start of Saturnalia, which takes place from the 17th through the 23rd?

Saturn = 1723

Pratt was born a span of exactly 1723 weeks after Donald Trump:

Pi Riddle

In the LEGO Movie, President Business was also the president of the Octan Corporation.

Octan = 314 Standard

The FBI’s raid took place 3104 days after The Lego Movie and 2027 days after Trump first took office:

The smallest equation you can use to get 3.14 on a calculator is 22÷7.

Twenty two divided by seven = 314 Ordinal

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