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Famous Football Coach Gary Gaines Dies @ 73

Gary Gaines, Texas high school football coach depicted in 'Friday Night Lights,' dead at 73

Just like Ivana Trump and Olivia Newton-John, more news about a celebrity death at the age of 73.

Sacrifice and Ritual sacrifice both = 73

Gary Gaines was famous for coaching high school teams, but he did spend a few years as a college coach for Abilene Christian, who recently hired Keith Patterson as their new coach in December.

Keith Patterson = 73 Single Reduction

Gaines was best-known for being the high school football coach who inspired the film Friday Night Lights, during which his character gives a passionate speech about being Perfect.

Perfect = 73 and 37

His death made the news today, a date with Primary numerologies of 73 and 37:(8) + (23) + (20) + (22) = 73(8) + (23) + 2+0+2+2 = 37

Gaines died exactly 37 weeks after Keith Patterson was hired:

Gaines = 37 Single Reduction

Friday Night Lights was ranked as the 37th best high school movie by ESPN:

The movie was based on a book with 370 gematria. The coach has now passed away in 2022.

Friday Night Lights A Town a Team and a Dream = 370 and 2220

The 37th Prime number is 157

Friday Night Lights came out 157 days after his birthday:

The speech is called Being Perfect.

Being Perfect = 110

Gary Gaines died 110 days after his birthday:
Or a span of 111 days, “Perfection” = 111
In Latin, Mathematical perfection = 666 and Six hundred sixty six = 2038
Today is 23/8

Friday Night Lights & 55

Gaines was a span of 55 years, 5 months, 5 days old for the film’s release:

Gaines = 55 Ordinal

Gary died 255 days before his birthday. His character is played by Billy Bob Thornton, who was born in the year ’55:

Gaines was born on May 4th, or 5/4, which is the Reduction value of Fifty-five.

Fifty five = 108 and 54, Permian High = 108 and 54, Permian High School = 108

Friday Night Lights came out October 8th, or 10/8
October 8th is also written as 8/10

Friday and Fifty-five both = 810

“Billy” = 75, and Billy was born exactly 75 months after Gary Gaines. But there’s another solid connection between them.

The two men were born exactly 6 years, 3 months apart:

The movie chronicles the journeys of athletes playing on Friday night for the high school in Odessa, Texas.

Friday and Odessa both = 63

Friday Night Lights and Odessa, Texas both = 1176

Friday Night Lights was directed by Peter Berg.

Gary Gaines died 164 days after Peter Berg’s birthday:

Gary Gaines = 164 Reverse

With the end date, this is 165 days.

Odessa Texas = 165 Reverse

Football = 165 Caps Mixed

The movie focused on Odessa’s ’88 High School football team.

High School football = 88 Reduction

Odessa / Odesza

In Reduction, Odessa, Texas sums to 33.

Odessa, Texas = 33

Gaines = 330 Sumerian

Gaines died a span of 3 months, 3 days after Keith Patterson’s birthday:

It was exactly 33 weeks after Don Shula’s birthday:

Don = 33 Ordinal

Last month, I made this post about how the musical group Odesza was releasing their album by the numbers.

News of the former Odessa, Texas coach broke a span of 33 days after Odesza’s album came out:

By sheer chance, I found myself listening to a number of Odesza performances yesterday, the same day as Gaines’ passing:

That date was the 22nd of August, or 22/8. Their latest album is called The Last Goodbye:

Odesza - The Last Goodbye = 228 Ordinal

Think about how “The Last Goodbye” could be construed as a message before Death.

Death = 228 Sumerian


Gary = 77 Caps Added

Gary‘s initials are G.G., which is 7-7 in gematria.

GG = 7 7

He was born on a date with Primary numerology of 77:(5) + (4) + (19) + (49) = 77

He was portrayed by Billy Bob Thornton during his time at Odessa Permian. Gaines would go on to coach one college team – Abilene Christian.

Billy Bob Thornton, Odessa Permian, and Abilene Christian all = 77 in Reduction

Gaines reportedly died after a five-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease, which was named after a psychiatrist named Alois Alzheimer.

Alzheimer would have been 57,777 days old:

Alzheimer was born on 14/6.

Alzheimer = 146

This is the same birthday as Donald Trump, who sued the government for the Mar-a-Lago raid on the same date.

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