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Famous Football Coach Gary Gaines Dies @ 73

Gary Gaines, Texas high school football coach depicted in 'Friday Night Lights,' dead at 73

Just like Ivana Trump and Olivia Newton-John, more news about a celebrity death at the age of 73.

Sacrifice and Ritual sacrifice both = 73

Gary Gaines was famous for coaching high school teams, but he did spend a few years as a college coach for Abilene Christian, who recently hired Keith Patterson as their new coach in December.

Keith Patterson = 73 Single Reduction

Gaines was best-known for being the high school football coach who inspired the film Friday Night Lights, during which his character gives a passionate speech about being Perfect.

Perfect = 73 and 37

His death made the news today, a date with Primary numerologies of 73 and 37:(8) + (23) + (20) + (22) = 73(8) + (23) + 2+0+2+2 = 37

Gaines died exactly 37 weeks after Keith Patterson was hired:

Gaines = 37 Single Reduction

Friday Night Lights was ranked as the 37th best high school movie by ESPN:

The movie was based on a book with 370 gematria. The coach has now passed away in 2022.

Friday Night Lights A Town a Team and a Dream = 370 and 2220

Permian’s mascot is a Panther.

"Panther" = 37 (Reduction)

The 37th Prime number is 157

Friday Night Lights came out 157 days after his birthday:

The speech is called Being Perfect.

Being Perfect = 110

Gary Gaines died 110 days after his birthday:
Or a span of 111 days, “Perfection” = 111
In Latin, Mathematical perfection = 666 and Six hundred sixty six = 2038
Today is 23/8

Odesza consists of DJ’s Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches. More on this connection below.

"Odesza Catacombkid BeachesBeaches" = 238 (Ordinal)

Friday Night Lights & 55

Gaines was a span of 55 years, 5 months, 5 days old for the film’s release:

Gaines = 55 Ordinal

Gary died 255 days before his birthday. His character is played by Billy Bob Thornton, who was born in the year ’55:

Gaines was born on May 4th, or 5/4, which is the Reduction value of Fifty-five.

Fifty five = 108 and 54, Permian High = 108 and 54, Permian High School = 108

Friday Night Lights came out October 8th, or 10/8
October 8th is also written as 8/10

Friday and Fifty-five both = 810

“Billy” = 75, and Billy was born exactly 75 months after Gary Gaines. But there’s another solid connection between them.

The two men were born exactly 6 years, 3 months apart:

The movie chronicles the journeys of athletes playing on Friday night for the high school in Odessa, Texas and is based on the book by H.G. Bissinger.

Friday and Odessa both = 63

H.G. Bissinger = 63 in both Reduction methods

Friday Night Lights and Odessa, Texas both = 1176

Friday Night Lights was directed by Peter Berg.

Gary Gaines died 164 days after Peter Berg’s birthday:

Gary Gaines = 164 Reverse

With the end date, this is 165 days.

Odessa Texas = 165 Reverse

Football = 165 Caps Mixed

The movie focused on Odessa’s ’88 High School football team.

High School football = 88 Reduction

Odessa / Odesza

In Reduction, Odessa, Texas sums to 33.

Odessa, Texas = 33

Gaines = 330 Sumerian

Gaines died a span of 3 months, 3 days after Keith Patterson’s birthday:

It was exactly 33 weeks after Don Shula’s birthday:

Don = 33 Ordinal

Last month, I made this post about how the musical group Odesza was releasing their album by the numbers.

News of the former Odessa, Texas coach broke a span of 33 days after Odesza’s album came out:

By sheer chance, I found myself listening to a number of Odesza performances yesterday, the same day as Gaines’ passing:

That date was the 22nd of August, or 22/8. Their latest album is called The Last Goodbye:

Odesza - The Last Goodbye = 228 Ordinal

"Permian Panthers" = 228 (Reverse)

Think about how “The Last Goodbye” could be construed as a message before Death.

Death = 228 Sumerian and 97 Reverse

"Friday Night Lights" = 97 (Reduction)

Death has matching 97 gematria with Gary Gaines and Odesza.

Gary Gaines, Odesza, and Electronic Dance Music all = 970 Standard

In that cipher, Death sums to 218.

"Death" = 218 (Standard)

Gaines died 2 months, 18 days after Harrison Mills’ birthday and a span of 218 days before Clayton Knight’s birthday:

In Latin, Death and Homicide both sum to 118Friday Night Lights has a runtime of 118 minutes.

Death and Homicide both = 118 Latin

Knight and Mills both have birth numerology of 118:(3) + (27) + (88) = 118 and (6) + (4) + (19) + (89) = 118

The Last Goodbye was released a span of 118 days after Knight’s birthday and 1 month, 18 days after Mills’:

It was 118 months after their debut album Summer’s Gone:

"Odesza" = 118 (Reverse Caps Added)


Gary = 77 Caps Added

Gary‘s initials are G.G., which is 7-7 in gematria.

GG = 7 7

He was born on a date with Primary numerology of 77:(5) + (4) + (19) + (49) = 77

He was portrayed by Billy Bob Thornton during his time at Odessa Permian. Gaines would go on to coach one college team – Abilene Christian.

Billy Bob Thornton, Odessa Permian, and Abilene Christian all = 77 in Reduction

Gaines reportedly died after a five-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease, which was named after a psychiatrist named Alois Alzheimer.

Alzheimer would have been 57,777 days old:

Alzheimer was born on 14/6.

Alzheimer = 146

This is the same birthday as Donald Trump, who sued the government for the Mar-a-Lago raid on the same date.

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