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New York Retires Paul O’Neill’s #21 at Yankee Stadium

O’Neill’s #21 was retired on the 21st day of the month. It’s been 21 years since 2001, when New York was attacked on 9/11, and also happened to be Paul’s last season before he retired.

O’Neill’s number Twenty-one was retired 177 days after his birthday:

Twenty-one = 1770 Standard

Despite being in a woeful slump for the past month, the Yankees were able to pull out the victory, which was credited to pitcher Lou Trivino, who threw 2.1 innings to end the game:

It was the 21st win of his career:

Trivino was born exactly 21 weeks before Paul O’Neill’s birthday:

The game fell a span of 21 days after he was traded from Oakland to New York:

Trivino has Primary birth numerology of 121, and Standard numerology of 102:(10) + (1) + (19) + (91) = 121(10) + (1) + (91) = 102

Twenty one = 102 Reverse

The 21st Prime number is 73
The Yankees entered the game with 73 wins

Number = 73 Ordinal

In Standard Reduction (Pythagorean), Twenty-one sums to 42.

Twenty-one = 42 Reduction

Trivino was a span of 42 days before his next birthday:

On the date O’Neill’s number was retired, the Yankees won by a score of 4-2:

Retire = 42 Reverse

The losing pitcher was Adam Cimber, whose name sums to both 42 and 201.

Adam Cimber = 42 and 201

Cimber also has 21 career wins to his name:

Notice that it was the Yankees’ 74th win of the season. This is the number that Paul Andrew O’Neill shares with the Number twenty-one and New York Yankees.

Paul Andrew ONeill, Number twenty one, and New York Yankees all = 74

21×21 = 441

ONeill = 441 Trigonal

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