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NBA Legend Bill Russell Dies @ 88

NBA legend Bill Russell dead at 88

The player who has won the most championships in NBA history, Bill Russell, attended the University of San Francisco. He was born on February 12th, or 2/12, and has died on the 212th day of the year:

University of San Francisco = 2102 Latin

Ritual sacrifice

Each one of Russell’s thirteen season in the league were played for the Boston Celtics, who are coming off of a successful season that saw them make it all the way to the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, who play on the shores of San Francisco Bay. Boston’s championship hopes ended in game six on June 16th, the date written 6/16.

"Ritual sacrifice" = 616 (Latin)

Bill was a span of exactly 4,616 weeks old:

In Reverse Reduction, Celtics sums to 46. They were founded in the year ’46.

Celtics = 46 Reverse

Bill Russell died a span of 46 days after the Warriors defeated the Celtics in the Finals:

This syncs up with the Reduction value of Sacrifice, which yields 170 in Reverse.

Sacrifice = 46 and 170

His death fell a span of 170 days after his birthday:

Today leaves 153 days in the year – that’s the 17th Triangular number, and today also has Reduced numerology of 17:7 + 3+1 + 2+0+2+2 = 17

NBA and Kill both = 17

Bill = 17 Reduction

The Celtics have won a total of 17 NBA titles
The 17th Prime number is 59
He died 59 days after the start of the NBA Finals

William Russell = 59 Reduction

It’s worth noting that he died on a Sunday. The current head coach of the Celtics, Ime Udoka, has Sunday as a middle name. This past season was his first at the team’s helm. Both Russell and Udoka attended the same college – the University of San Francisco.

Udoka was born on August 9th, or 8/9, and is 44 years old. “Kill” = 89 44. Bill Russell would have turned 89 years old on the date of next year’s Super Bowl.

Eclipse Code

Bill passed away in the year ’22, shortly before the 77th season of Basketball for both Boston and the NBA.

Basketball = 22

Boston = 22 and 77

William Russell = 77 Single Reduction

Appropriately, Bill Russell has matching 156 gematria with Boston Celtics.

Bill Russell and Boston Celtics both = 156

Ime Udoka = 156 Capitals Mixed

He died in Mercer Island, Washington.

Mercer Island, Washington = 1506 Sumerian

These are also connected to the Ritual sacrifice code. The 156th Prime number is 911.

Ritual sacrifice = 1506 and Ritual human sacrifice = 911

If this numeric combination looks familiar, you’re right – these are connected to the Eclipse code. Eclipses always occur 1, 5, or 6 lunar phases apart.

Bill’s full and common names both have overlap with Total solar eclipse.

William Felton Russell = 257, Bill Russell = 280, Total solar eclipse = 257 Reverse and 280 Hebrew

William Felton Russell passed away 257 weeks after the first Great American Total solar eclipse:

He died on the 31st of July, or 31/7
The Celtics represent the Irish
St. Patrick’s Day is 3/17
317 is the 66th Prime number

San Francisco Dons = 66 Reduction

Boston Celtics = 66 Single Reduction

Boston Celtics and Sixty-six both = 1298

Russell died 66 Sidereal months after the first Great American Eclipse:

That Eclipse fell on a date with Primary numerology of 66:(8) + (21) + (20) + (17) = 66

Eclipse = 66 Latin Ordinal

He died 1805 days after that same eclipse:

William Russell = 185 Ordinal

San Francisco was initially founded on the date leaving 185 days in the year, and was later incorporated in 1850.

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