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WHO Says Monkeypox “Outbreak” is of International Concern

It’s hard to imagine why anyone actually cares about this. I’m not even sure anyone does. Either way, the World Health Organization continues to use numerology in its announcements regarding this virus. The date of this decision was the 23rd of July, or 23/7.

2022 Monkeypox outbreak = 237 Ordinal

The virus blamed for this disease is named Orthopoxvirus, which sums to 220 in the alphabetic order. This is the same exact number that was stamped all over the Coronavirus pandemic, which struck in 2020, with the solution coming from Operation Warp Speed via president Donald John Trump.

Orthopoxvirus = 220 Ordinal

Coronavirus pandemic, Orthocoronavirinae, Operation Warp Speed, and Donald John Trump all = 220

Orthopoxvirus was declared a “concerning outbreak” a span of 2 months, 20 days after the first recorded new case:

It was the 204th day of the year:

Disease = 204 Latin

Notice the date of the first case – May 4th, or 5/4. Consider how the “Corona” is the name of the atmosphere of the Sun.

Sun = 54 Ordinal

Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic on a date with Primary numerology of 54:(3) + (11) + (20) + (20) = 54

Coronavirus = 540 Satanic

The WHO’s announcement on July 23rd fell on the first full day of Leo, which is the only sign ruled by the Sun.

Eight six four = 864 Latin

July 23rd was 864 days after the COVID-19 pandemic declaration:

The Sun is approximately 108× wider than the Earth, and is approximately 108× its own diameter from the Earth:

July 23rd is a span of 108 days after the anniversary of the World Health Organization:

World Health Organization = 1080 Satanic

COVID / Eclipse Code

In Ordinal, COVID-19 sums to 72.

COVID-19 = 72 Ordinal

Monkeypox became an international Concern on a date with Primary numerology of 72:(7) + (23) + (20) + (22) = 72

Concern = 72

The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, took office exactly 264 weeks before the announcement:

Corona = 264 English

In Reverse, Coronavirus sums to 142.

Coronavirus = 142 Reverse

Tedros was 142 days after his birthday for the announcement:

This means it was a span of 224 days before his next birthday:

Monkeypox virus = 2024 Latin

International concern = 224 Ordinal

Corona = 224 Latin and 33 Reverse, Monkeypox = 33 Reverse, The Sun = 33

Tedros was born on March 3rd, or 3/3.

It was exactly 33 weeks after the last Total solar eclipse:

Eclipse = 33

This is equivalent to 231 days:

Monkeypox outbreak = 231 Ordinal

The next Total solar eclipse falls in 2024. It will be the second of two Great American Eclipses.

Monkeys = 625 Latin

The virus named after Monkeys was declared a concern 625 days before the next eclipse:

625 is 5 to the 4th power, to go along with the 54‘s above.

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