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Donald Trump’s First Wife Ivana Dies @ 73

Ivana Trump, an ex-wife of former President Trump, dies at 73

Ivana Marie Trump = 73 Reduction

Ivana Marie Trump (née Zelnickova) died at the age of 73 years, 144 days:

Ivana Zelnickova = 1440 and Zelnickova = 144

Today is the 14th of July, or 14/7. Throughout her marriage to Donald Trump, she held various positions in The Trump Organization.

The Trump Organization = 1470 Jewish

Today has Primary numerology of 63, matching her common name in Reduction both forwards and backwards:(7) + (14) + (20) + (22) = 63

Ivana Trump = 63 in multiple Reduction methods

In Full Reduction, her name sums to 45.

Ivana Trump = 45 Full Reduction

She was born on a date with a Life Lesson number of 45:(2) + (20) + 1+9+4+9 = 45

It’s been 45 years since her marriage to the former president:

Trump was President #45

Today has Multiplicative numerology of 224:7 × 1 × 4 × 2 × 2 × 2 = 224

Ivana Marie Trump = 224 Reverse

If Trump wins again in 2024, he’ll also be President # 47.

Marriage to Trump

President = 47 Reduction

Ivana matches Trump when Reversed.

Ivana and Trump both = 47 and 88

Their marriage took place on April 7th, or 4/7

The wedding was a span of 47 days after her birthday:

Trump = 470 Latin

Trump was born on the 165th day of the year, matching the Ordinal value of her name when they met:

Ivana Zelnickova = 165 Ordinal

Ivana was a Czech native

Donald John Trump = 220 Reverse

Czech = 220 Satanic

Czech Republic = 220 Reverse

She was born on February 20th, or 2/20

The Moon

Her February 20th birthday is also written as 20/2
The 202nd Prime number is 1231

This gematria is found in two of her three children’s names. The third, Donald Jr. was born on December 31st, or 12/31.

Eric Frederick Trump = 202 Ordinal, Ivanka Trump = 1231 Latin

She died during Lunation #1231:

Ivana had Primary birth numerology of 90, which was also the 51st day of the year:(2) + (20) + (19) + (49) = 90

The Moon = 90 and Moon = 51

Lunar Eclipse Riddle

Donald Trump was born on June 14th, 1946, which was the same date as a Total lunar eclipse.

In Reduction, Total lunar eclipse and Donald John Trump both = 68

Total lunar eclipse sums to 445 in Hebrew. Trump was the 44th man to be president, but was president #45.

"אלמ חרי יוקיל" = 445 (Hebrew Gematria) = 445

His first wife, Ivana Trump, has matching gematria with Lunar Eclipse.

Ivana Trump = 135 Ordinal and Reverse, Lunar eclipse = 135

The 135th Prime number is 761

Donald was exactly 76 years, 1 month old when his ex-wife passed away:

The next Total Lunar Eclipse falls on November 8th. Notice how CNN coded their headline with the number 647:Ivana Trump, an ex-wife of former President Trump, dies at 73

647 is the 118th Prime number
November 8th is written as 11/8

This syncs up with Ivana’s maiden name.

Zelnickova = 118

Zelnickova died 118 days before the next Total Lunar Eclipse:

Today is also 1 month, 18 days after the anniversary of last year’s “Revelation” Eclipse:

Donald Trump is in his 1018th Sidereal month (lunar orbits). Her death fell during the time of Cancer, the only sign ruled by the Moon.

Cancer = 118 Reverse

Ivana’s full name even has matching Ordinal gematria with One hundred eighteen.

Ivana Marie Trump and One hundred eighteen both = 181 Ordinal

Death and Homicide both = 118 Jewish

Ivana’s birth sign was Pisces, which is ruled by Jupiter. Her death fell 811 days after her last Jovian birthday.

Jupiter and The Moon both = 99, 90, and 36

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