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Former USAC Champion Bobby East Stabbed, Killed in California


East was a total of 1960 weeks old:

East = 196 Latin

Although this occurred on Wednesday, it didn’t make the news until the 15th of July, or 15/7.

East died 157 days before his next birthday:

157 is the 37th Prime numberBobby East was 37 years, 208 days old:

Bobby East = 37 and 28

The city of Westminster has matching 165 gematria with both the common and full names of the murderer, who was reportedly killed on Friday.

Westminster = 165, Trent Millsap = 165 Reverse, Trent William Millsap = 1650 Reverse Sumerian


I must say – this story being in the headlines today tripped me out a bit. Starting on July 12th, the day before this incident, my fellow researcher Bobby has been sending me info regarding how each sign on the Zodiac is associated with a direction, either North, South, West, or East. This story about Bobby East dying in Westminster is a perfect opportunity to teach this concept.

Bobby East was a Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter. The Zodiac sign associated with the East is Aries. Notice how Jupiter is currently in Aries:

His death is being attributed to repeated stabbings in the Chest and Stomach area. The Zodiac sign that rules the Chest and Stomach is Cancer – which is the sign the Sun is currently in.

Cancer = 118 Reverse

His Death / Homicide occurred in Westminster, California, which the 118th meridian splits in half:

Death and Homicide both = 118 Jewish

Westminster is also on the 33rd parallel:

Bobby’s birth numerology is (1+2 + 1+7 + 1+9+8+4) = 33
The 33rd Prime number is 137
East was killed on 13/7

13th / Westminster

The fact that he died on the 13th is also very important to this event. The murder happened at a 76 gas station – 7+6 = 13.

The 13th Triangular number is 91, the Ordinal value of Bobby East.

Bobby East = 91 Ordinal

Bobby was killed on the 13th in Westminster in connection to Jupiter.

Jupiter = 99 and 90, Westminster = 990

Thirteen = 99 and 347

The city of Westminster was exactly 3407 weeks old:

347 is the 69th Prime number

Westminster = 69 Reverse

The name Westminster reminds me of the nation’s second-oldest sporting event: the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Westminster Kennel Club = 123 Reverse

Their next Dog Show in February will be the 147th, matching East’s full name.

Robert East = 123 and 147

Stabbing = 147 Capitals Mixed

Their first Dog Show was in the year 1877 – that’s the 288th Prime number. Bobby East was an accomplished driver in circuits sanctioned by the United States Auto Club.

United States Auto Club = 288 Reverse

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