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Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Assassinated

Japan’s ex-leader Shinzo Abe assassinated during a speech

Anyone who watches the video of this shooting was probably left with more questions than answers. Although it was reported that the first shot hit Shinzo Abe in the back of the neck, the man doesn’t move an inch, and in fact turns to see what the noise was with no problem. Only after the second explosion does he wince in pain before falling to the ground.

The bullets were fired from a homemade gun, which seems like a pretty good argument against gun control. What good is preventing people from buying them when they can just be made in your garage or basement anyway?

The assassination of Shinzo Abe appears to be connected to the first presidential assassination in the United States, when Abe Lincoln was shot while watching a play at Ford’s Theatre. Both shootings occurred when the perpetrator snuck up from behind, evading poor security.

The man who supposedly shot Shinzo Abe wasn’t even upset with his politics. The reason for the attack is that the shooter thought Abe was a Unificationist and was working to bring their Church’s beliefs over to Japan. Followers of the Unification Church are called Moonies, because the religion was founded by Sun Myung Moon. Shinzo Abe died during the time of Cancer, the only sign ruled by The Moon.

Abraham Lincoln was shot in 1865 on April 14th, written 4/14 or 14/4.

Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln = 414, Shinzo Abe = 414 and 144, Former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe = 414

Shinzo Abe was born 144 days before Abraham Lincoln’s birthday:

Abe was born a span of 144 days after the founding of the Unification Church:

He was shot a span of 1 year, 44 days after the 2021 “Revelation” Lunar Eclipse:

144 is a number strongly-linked to 44, which is the value of both Abraham and Honest Abe.

Forty-four and April 4th both = 144 Ordinal

Abraham = 44, Honest Abe = 44 and 89

Shinzo was born 89 years after the Lincoln assassination.

Lunar Eclipse Coding

The Magic Square of the Moon is 9×9 grid.

Magic Square of the Moon = 99 in both Reduction methods

Shinzo Abe and The Moon both = 99 and 45

The Moon’s ultimate number is 666. Shinzo was speaking in the Nara Prefecture, which has matching 666 gematria with Moon – Magic Square.

"Nara Prefecture" = 666 (Jewish)

"Moon Magic Square" = 666 (Jewish)

The former PM was born 4,666 weeks (or 32,666 days) after Lincoln was shot:

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th U.S. President
The 16th Prime number is 53
It’s been 53 years since the Moon landing
Shinzo Abe died at 5:03 pm
5:03 pm is the 1023rd minute of the day

His death fell 53 days after the last Total Lunar Eclipse and 123 days before the next:

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe = 123, Abraham Lincoln = 123, Abraham = 123

Lincoln’s assassination was part of a broad Conspiracy, for which four other people would eventually be hanged. The term Conspiracy Theory was born after the the last president to be assassinated, John F. Kennedy, was shot in a Lincoln at 12:30 p.m.

"Conspiracy" = 123 (English Ordinal)

The 123rd Prime number is 677

Abe was 60 years, 7 months, 7 days old when he and Obama visited the Lincoln Memorial:

"Lunar eclipse" = 189 (Reverse Ordinal)

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809
Shinzo Abe died on the 189th day of the year:

He passed away exactly 5:33 minutes after being shot.

"Lunar eclipse" = 533 (Jewish)

The Assassin

Shinzo was shot by Tetsuya Yamagami, who used to be in the Japanese Navy, during the time of Cancer, a Water sign.

"Tetsuya Yamagami" = 1086 (English Sumerian)

"Water" = 1086 (Jewish)

Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth, who shares that 186.

John Wilkes Booth = 186, 78, 219, and 75

"Prime Minister" = 78 (Full Reduction)

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was born on 21/9, died on 7/8, which fell 219 days before Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and 75 days before his own:

"Shinzo Abe" = 705 (Jewish)

He and Obama’s Lincoln visit fell a span of 219 days after his birthday:

"Family Federation for World Peace and Unification" = 219 (Full Reduction)

There was very similar coding in Lincoln’s shooting, which happened on a date with Primary numerology of 101:(4) + (14) + (18) + (65) = 101

Assassin = 101, 115, 56, and 61

Lincoln was shot at 10:15 pm at the age of 56 years, 61 days:

The name Lincoln has matching 79 gematria with Murder and Assassination.

"Lincoln" = 79 (English Ordinal)

Murder and Assassination both = 79

79 is the 22nd Prime number. We’re currently in the year ’22.

Shinzo was killed a span of 220 days before Abraham Lincoln’s birthday:

Abe’s assassin was a former member of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, which was founded the same year he was born.

The JMSDF was created 2 months, 20 days before he was born:

“33” Coding

His death fell 333 minutes after being shot
Abe was shot at 11:30
The 33rd Prime number is 137

He was speaking near the Yamato Saidaiji station.

"Yamato-Saidaiji" = 137 (English Ordinal)

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

You can rearrange those digits to get 317, which is the 66th Prime number. “Thirty-three” = 66.

Abe died 660 days after his last day in office:

The Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln = 660, Lincoln = 660

The time at which Abe was shot is a bit suspicious. It’s no secret that the 113 is considered the ultimate number of deception:

"Abe" = 113 (Satanic)

Abe was shot at 11:30 am
The 113th Prime number is 617

"Tetsuya Yamagami" = 617 (Primes)

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