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WWE Referees Tim White and Dave Hebner Die

Notice the Wall Street Journal broke this story on June 15th, or 15/6.

WWE = 156, World Wrestling Entertainment = 156

156 is a significant number connected to the 666 code.

Six six six and Triple sixes both = 156 Ordinal

McMahon’s full name sums to 666.

"Vincent Kennedy McMahon" = 666 (Reverse Franc Baconis)

Vince McMahon and Dave Hebner Tim White both = 669

Vince’s middle name is Kennedy. One day after John Kennedy was assassinated, he turned 6666 days old:

The WWE Network originally launched at $9.99, where it remained for many years.

The Moon = 99 and 90


McMahon was a span of exactly 1800 weeks old when the WWF was officially incorporated:

That incorporation date was in 1980. 666 is considered the number of the Beast, and is essentially the primary number of the Moon.

In Latin, Beast = 198 and Number of the Beast = 724

One day before McMahon turned 724 sidereal months old, he changed the official name of the company:

The name change occurred in 1999, which has an upside-down 666. The new name was World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc, which matches the numbers in the base gematria of Luna that Vince McMahon does not.

The 21st Triangular number is 231

On a calendar, a span of 666 days is equivalent to 95 weeks.

"Six hundred sixty-six" = 95 (Full Reduction)

On the date of the news story, Vince McMahon turned exactly 950 lunar phases old:

The story says his company is under investigation for a payment worth Three million dollars to a former staffer to cover up an affair. The number three on its own is often used as a hoax code.

Three million dollars = 95 and Three million dollar payment = 296

The news also fell a span of 296 days after his birthday:

"World Wrestling Federation" = 296 (English Ordinal)

As a result of the controversy, McMahon has stepped down as WWE Chairman, a role he has held since his purchase of the company in the early 80’s.

Dave Hebner

Some people believe the Beast’s real number is actually 616. Although WSJ published the story on the 15th, it dominated the headlines on June 16th, the date written 6/16, a major number of the Ritual sacrifice of JFK mentioned above.

Ritual sacrifice and JFK both = 616 Latin/Jewish

Upside-down, this is 919.

Vince McMahon and Vincent McMahon both = 616

In Ordinal and Reduction, Ritual sacrifice has gematria of 73.

Sacrifice and Ritual sacrifice both = 73

One day later, long-time WWE referee Dave Hebner reportedly passed away at the age of 73:Longtime WWE referee Dave Hebner dead at 73

Dave is the twin brother of Earl Hebner, which is worth mentioning since we are approaching the end of Gemini, the sign represented by the twins.

Earl Hebner tweeted about his twin brother Dave’s death a span of 73 years, 33 days after their birth:

Thirty-three = 895, Ritual human sacrifice = 895 and 911

911 is the 156th Prime number
McMahon’s story broke on 15/6

On that same 15/6 date, Dave’s nephew Brian, who is the son of his twin brother Earl, announced his retirement as a full-time referee:Brian Hebner announces his retirement as a full-time referee, Slammiversary will be his last show

"Slammiversary" = 1056 (Reverse English Sumerian)

On June 17th, the same date Dave Hebner died, Vince McMahon stepped down as the chairman of WWE. That date fell 15 years, 6 days after McMahon staged his own death on television:

This is relevant because McMahon’s fake death in 2007 was 13 days before the bizarre murder-suicide incident at Chris Benoit’s house.

Tim White

Just two days after the death of Dave Hebner, another famous referee from WWE’s Attitude era died. Tim White passed away at 68:Longtime WWE referee Tim White dead at 68

I thought it was interesting that a man named White died on the anniversary of Juneteenth being named a national holiday.

Tim White’s career as a referee ended due to injury in May 2002, which was the same month that the WWF permanently changed its name to WWE. White got hurt at a Hell in a Cell match at an event called Judgment Day. He died less than two weeks after this year’s Hell in a Cell event. The day after that show, pro wrestler Edge was booted from his own group called Judgment Day.

After suffering that career-ending injury, White returned for just one match at WrestleMania XX, which was the event that ended with Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero embracing in the ring, both having won World Championships. Both Benoit and Guerrero would be dead within the next four years.

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