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They’re Actually Pushing Forward with Gender Confusion

WARNING: This post contains personal opinions that some people may find offensive. I don’t care.

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Try to put yourself in the same shoes you wore when you were ten years old. Had someone from the year 2022 traveled back in time and told you what was happening in pop culture – would you believe them?

For virtually the entirety of this blog, I’ve stayed silent on LGBTQ(etc.) issues. This is a numerology website, and I like to keep it that way as much as possible. After all, what is there to say? If you can’t see all of the insanity pulsating from this, then I really don’t know what words will allow you to.

Perhaps the most successful part of this agenda is how they’ve convinced everyone that all who stand against it do so out of hatred. In truth, it’s the people pushing it that are full of hatred. Hatred for the Creator, hatred for the family unit, hatred for the happiness of others.


A few months ago, someone asked me to name anyone in the truth community, particularly gematria teachers, who was gay. I was unable to think of anyone. I’m probably a bad person to ask, because I don’t pay any mind to that sort of thing, but it did make me wonder. If it was true that a certain small percentage of people are naturally just born gay, then why wouldn’t we find that same percentage in any group of people?

This discrepancy might make sense if truth-seeking held any overtly masculine quantities. For instance, a very small percentage of football players are gay, and the same goes for most sports. The opposite seems to be true in a class of theater students – this stands to reason, as displaying emotion on stage in front of others is more of a feminine trait.

But both men and women can seek truth, run numbers, find patterns, and gain a better understanding of what’s happening. Somewhere between 25%-33% of my audience is female. I owe this to the female brain being slightly more susceptible to the type of programming our overlords place in society, and thus are targeted more heavily. Besides, what better way to get the men to behave than to change what the women expect out of them?

Ultimately, I believe it comes down to a stark difference in what we want out of life and how we see this reality. Are you in love with the Creation, and all the things it can make you see, hear, feel, and obtain? Or did you reach a point where you found yourself in awe of the Creator and the divinity of this existence?

I consider myself thankful that I was either born with, or was raised into, an appreciation for not just what I was feeling, but the fact that I could feel anything so strongly at all. Your feelings and emotions are what defines the human experience, but somewhere along the line, people became convinced that they also defined the person.

Feelings, at least from a male perspective, are to be learned from and acted upon. Feeling tired? Your brain is telling you to sleep. Feeling hyper? Your brain is telling you to exercise.

That much should be obvious. But what about feeling sad? Your brain is actually urging you to find something that makes you happy. Feeling lonely? Your brain is telling you to find a partner, which – *gasp* – might require some self-improvement. Feeling bored? You need to find something that gives you fulfillment.

Culture is working against this natural order. Feeling sad? You suffer from depression. Something is wrong with you. Feeling bored? You have attention deficit disorderHow do we know? We have this brand new encyclopedia of mental disorders telling us so. Trust the psychologists!

And now you see this extending into other parts of our lives. Do you really enjoy the company of people of the same sex? Maybe you’re gay. Don’t wait until you grow up and start mastering the differences between sexes – Just stop right there. You’re gay, that’s who you are because it’s how you feel right now.

Is this a tone-deaf, bigoted stance to hold? Some of you will say it is. After all, I can only see things through my own two eyes. Maybe a percentage of gay people are completely disgusted by the female body, but that’s not been the case based on the conversations I’ve had.

Perhaps the lifestyle is attractive to many because it’s less challenging. Building a relationship with someone of the opposite sex is incredibly difficult – after the initial attraction, the reality that you are two very different people with very different ideas about what you want out of a relationship begins to set in. This forces you to make personal compromises for the betterment of the whole, particularly when it comes to any children being raised. And in the process, the two of you become closer to a divine being than either individual could have ever thought.

What is truly being learned by going into a relationship with someone of the same sex? You already understand what’s driving the other person and what they need. Sure, there will be subtle differences, but they will pale in comparison to the obstacles faced by people with entirely different chromosomes. And that’s why I see it as a cop-out – it’s a failure to recognize how much you can grow. Too many of us are fearful of going through that process.

At the end of the day, I’m for freedom and personal choice. I won’t interfere in anybody’s lives, or tell them what they should and shouldn’t do. But when we see them working so hard to affect children in isolation from their parents, it’s becoming painfully obvious why society began to celebrate queer lifestyles in the first place. That’s where a stand must be taken.

This never stemmed from an honest desire to celebrate our differences, or to promote acceptance and understanding. It’s always come from a deeply evil and perverse aspiration to destroy everything that is truthful and good in our world, so that its inhabitants are so far removed from their natural tendencies that they must adapt an entirely new belief system based in complete fiction in order to make sense out of anything.

Convincing people that they were assigned a gender by a human, as opposed to having been assigned one by God, is perhaps the most glaring example of Truth turned upside-down in today’s world. If something so black-and-white can be seen as relative, then what is true?

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