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“Active Shooting” Reported at Lackland Air Force Base Again

BREAKING: Lackland Air Force Base Under Lockdown, Active Shooter Reported

As I explained in my video from today, there are major riddles going on with Donald John Trump, who is celebrating his 76th birthday today. This Active shooting was at JBSA, which sums to 76.

"Donald John Trump" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

"Active shooting" = 76 (Reverse Reduction)

"JBSA" = 76 (Reverse Ordinal)

San Antonio has matching gematria with Donald J. Trump.

San Antonio and Donald J. Trump both = 148

Back in 2016, there was another shooting at Lackland on April 8th. On April 8th of 2024, a Total solar eclipse sweeps over the country, passing right by San Antonio.

This U.S. Air Force shooting fell 664 days before the second Great American Eclipse:

"US Air Force" = 664 (English Extended)

The base is often called JB San Antonio for short. This matches Solar eclipse, including the number 73.

JB San Antonio and Solar eclipse both = 134, 190, and 73

It’s been exactly 73 weeks since Donald Trump left office:

Saturn = 73 Kabbalah, Saturnalia = 73 Reverse

This is the Ordinal value of his Vice President, Harris, whose numbers today are highly-connected to Saturn.

"Harris" = 73 (English Ordinal)

Saturn Riddle

Today is Joe Biden’s 511th day in office:

"Lackland Air Force Base" = 511 (English Extended)

Bullets are primarily made of lead. The planet that rules the element of lead is Saturn.

Saturn = 511 Jewish and 713 Hebrew

As of today, Kamala Harris is exactly 713 lunar phases old:

"Kamala Devi Harris" = 712 (Satanic)
Rule of Colel

Saturn also sums to 741.

"Saturn" = 741 (English Extended)

741 is the 38th Triangular number

Kamala is also exactly 3008 weeks old:

In Reverse, Lackland Air Force Base = 380 and United States Air Force = 308

Death, Killing, RIP, and Murder all = 38

Today’s date is June 14th, written 6/14.

Kamala Harris = 614 Fibonacci, Harris = 614 Trigonal

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