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New Black Hole Image – “The Moon” Riddle

This is a continuation of my last post about Event Horizon’s new image of a Black Hole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, which is connected to Black Hole Sun songwriter Chris Cornell and his friend Chester Bennington.

Chester died on July 20th:

Chris Cornell was born on July 20th, the same date as the first Moon landing:

The Hebrew word for Moon sums to 218:

Chris would currently be 57 years old and was on an exact lunar count yesterday.

Chris and Moon both = 57

The Moon landing is often credited to Wernher von Braun, who came to the United States during Operation Paperclip following World War II.

Wernher von Braun = 81 and 81

There are 81 squares in the Magic Square of the Moon, which sums to 3321, the 81st Triangular number:

Wernher’s full name sums to 3321.

"Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun" = 3321 (Jewish)

Wernher von Braun’s tombstone just has Psalms 19:1 on it:

There are 2231 verses in the book of Psalms after Psalms 19:1. The famous Nazi scientist’s common name sums to 2231.

"Wernher von Braun" = 2231 (Jewish)

Psalms 19:1 has Ordinal gematria of 706.

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork." = 706 (English Ordinal)

Measuring from the first Moon landing to the date of yesterday’s black hole image was exactly 706 lunar orbits, or sidereal months:

Last night, the Philadelphia 76ers were eliminated from the NBA playoffs by the Miami Heat:

The Heat play in Florida, where the Moon missions launched from. Notice the score of 9990, which are the same two values found in The Moon.

The Moon = 99 and 90

Miami = 99 and 90

The first image of a Black Hole was a span of 9099 days after Black Hole Sun was released:

This is an upside-down 666, like the sum of NASA.

"National Aeronautics and Space Administration" = 666 (Reverse Ordinal)

666 is the number of the Beast, revealed in the book of Revelation. In 2006, British rock band Muse released an album called Black Holes and Revelations.

The Messier black hole was first seen 666 weeks after that album:

On May 12th, the Moon was conjunct with Messier 87, where we got the first black hole photo from:

The next time the Moon crosses Sagittarius A will be on May 18th:

May 18th is the date that Chris Cornell died in 2017:

May 18th can be written as 5/18. The song “Black Hole Sun” is 5:18 in length:

Albert Einstein

Scientists are claiming that the photo of the center of the Milky Way will improve their understanding of gravity and relativity. These terms are often equated with physicist Albert Einstein:

Milky Way and Christopher John Boyle both = 1770

It’s been 1770 synodic months since Einstein was born:

Notice this is also 52290 days, or 59 days after his birthday.

Sagittarius A Star = 229 and 59

The 229th verse of Revelation reveals the number of the Beast as 666.

Einstein would have been exactly 33,000 days old for the Moon landing:

It takes 33 years for the lunar calendar to fall back in sync with the solar calendar.

Thirty-three = 60 and 66. Thirty-three, Six six six, and Triple sixes all = 156

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