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Former Vikings RB Ed Marinaro Has Awkward Moment at Draft

The Minnesota Vikings selected Booth from the Clemson Tigers on a date with Primary numerology of 75:(4) + (29) + (20) + (22) = 75

Minnesota Vikings, Booth, and Clemson Tigers all = 75

At the NFL Draft, 72-year-old Ed Marinaro, who was himself drafted in ’72, had to be hurried off stage after eating up too much time. As if the NFL ever cared about how long their events were…

The 72-year-old played four seasons with the Vikings. He was selected No. 50 overall in the second round of the 1972 draft. He ran for 1,007 yards on 306 carries and four touchdowns. He also played for the New York Jets and Seattle Seahawks.

"Edward Marinaro" = 72 (Full Reduction)

He was there to announce the pick of Andrew Booth Jr.

"Andrew Booth Jr." = 72 (Reverse Reduction)

Today is 7 months, 2 days after Booth’s birthday:

Ed Marinaro and Andrew Booth both = 53 and 172

Booth was born on the 272nd day of the year:

Ed Marinaro was born in the year ’50, and was the 50th pick in the Draft.

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