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Elon Musk Secures Twitter Purchase for $44 Billion

Twitter has been focused on ‘healthy conversations.’ Elon Musk could change that

I always have to laugh when the media suggests that censorship leads to something positive, like “healthy conversations.” The pervasive notion that human beings can’t be trusted to converse freely about topics of their choosing without posing a danger to others is perhaps the most absurd and overreaching act of the powers that be to this point.

I don’t know what the plans are for Twitter, but I certainly don’t trust a man who’s gone on record saying he wants to implant microchips in people’s brains. Remember, Elon was the face of the ridiculous Starman hoax back in 2018.

It was announced that Elon bought Twitter on the 115th day of the year:Elon and Twitter both = 115

The date had Primary numerology of 71:(4) + (25) + (20) + (22) = 71

"Twitter purchase" = 71 (Full Reduction)

Elon was born 64 months before former CEO Jack Dorsey:

Musk made his purchase 64 days before his birthday:

Musk = 64 and 44

The purchase was worth $44 billion

The purchase fell a span of exactly 4 months, 4 weeks since Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO:

"Twitter" = 444 (Reverse English Sumerian)

The purchase was made 4 years, 4 months, 4 days after Elon joked about buying Twitter:

Amendment I = 44 and 404

"Free speech" = 440 (Satanic)

Elon first announced a stake in ownership on April 4th, or 4/4
The 44th Prime number is 193

Twitter was founded just over 193 months ago:

In the eyes of many conservatives, Elon’s purchase will effectively restore the First Amendment, which was implemented in the year 1791.

Elon was born in 1971, exactly 1971 days before Jack Dorsey:

The Moon


The name Elon Musk has matching gematria with the Hebrew value for Total lunar eclipse.

Elon Musk and Total lunar eclipse both = 445

Next month, there will be a Total lunar eclipse that technically begins on May 16th, or 16/5, UTC:May 15-16, 2022 The next total lunar eclipse, or "blood moon," will occur May 15-16, 2022 and it will be visible from North and South America, Europe, Africa and parts of Asia.

"Elon Reeve Musk" = 165 (English Ordinal)

"Social network" = 165 (English Ordinal)

That eclipse occurs during the next Lunation, which begins on April 30th or 30/4, and is numbered 1229:

Twitter = 34 and 229

The date of the Eclipse leaves 229 days in the year:

1229 is the 201st Prime number

Moon = 21 and 210

Elon bought Twitter 21 days after his initial investment:

It was also exactly 21 weeks after Jack Dorsey stepped down as CEO, and 21 days before this year’s Total lunar eclipse:

Elon Reeve Musk and Moon both = 57

Elon Musk is a Cancer, the only Zodiac sign ruled by the Moon, by virtue of his 6/28 birthdate. His original investment, as well as his full-blown purchase, both occurred while Elon was 628 lunar phases old.

This means it’s the 629th lunar phase since he was born.

Dorsey = 629 Jewish and 76 Reverse

Former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey was born in the year ’76, during Lunation #666:

Jack Dorsey and CEO of Twitter both have gematria connecting to 666.

Jack Dorsey = 666, CEO of Twitter = 60 and 66

Recall how Elon Musk first announced his investment into Twitter at 12:04 EST.

Twitter = 1204 and Elon Reeve Musk = 1240

"Twitter.com" = 124 (Reverse Ordinal)

He was born on a date with 124 numerology:(6) + (28) + (19) + (71) = 124

Elon Reeve Musk and Tweet both = 1110

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