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New York Islanders Hall of Famer Mike Bossy Dies @ 65

Islanders legend Mike Bossy dead at 65

"Michael Dean Bossy" = 65 (Full Reduction)

Michael Dean Bossy has died at the age of 65. Bossy scored 60 or more goals in 5 different seasons, and was a huge piece of the Islanders’ four straight Stanley Cup victories from 1979 – 1983.

Mike was born on the 22nd day of the year, and wore #22 for his entire career. He died in New York, New York in 2022:

"New York, New York" = 222 (English Ordinal)

The 22nd Prime number is 79
The ’79 season ended in Bossy’s first Stanley Cup

On the date he died, the Islanders played against Montreal, Bossy’s home town.

He died in Montreal of Lung cancer 9 months, 8 days before his birthday:

Montreal = 98 and 118, Lung cancer = 98, Cancer = 118

"Mike Bossy" = 118 (English Ordinal)

Mike was the 15th pick in the NHL Draft. He died 15 days before the end of the 105th NHL season. He died on April 14th, which is the 105th day of a leap year, and news of his death broke on the 105th day of a non-leap year:

This is the Islanders’ 50th season in the NHL. Bossy holds the distinction of having the most consecutive 50-goal seasons.

Today’s news about the Islanders legend falls on a date with Primary numerology of 61:(4) + (15) + (20) + (22) = 61

"Islanders" = 61 (Reverse Reduction)

The 61st Prime number is 283

Mike Bossy died 283 days before his birthday:

"Six hundred and sixty-six" = 2083 (Jewish)

666 Coding

666 is the number of the Beast. The Islanders won their first  Stanley Cup in 1980.

"Beast" = 198 (Jewish)

Six sixty-six and Triple sixes both = 57

Bossy was born in the year ’57

He spent his whole career with the New York Islanders.

New York = 666, Islanders = 606


Bossy’s date of birth had Primary numerology of 99:(1) + (22) + (19) + (57) = 99

Mike’s death fell a span of 9 months, 9 days before his birthday:

His next birthday would have had 66 numerology:(1) + (22) + (20) + (23) = 66

"New York, New York" = 66 (Reverse Reduction)

Bossy won his fourth and final Stanley Cup following the NHL’s 66th season.

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