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Exploring Synchronicity and its Teachers

In my last post, I reviewed the basic numerology of Carl Jung, who is the psychologist credited with first coining the term “synchronicity” in regards to the observance of incredible coincidences. This is pretty relevant to the Blog you’re reading, which explores how incredible coincidences also share powerful numeric relationships through the lens of gematria and numerology.

When I first discovered gematria, there was also a really interesting channel that focused more on personal synchronicities that were connected to the same “coincidences” playing out in the media. Most of you are probably familiar with Dan Behrendt’s YouTube, which fortunately still has all of the work he’s ever done on there.

Although unquantifiable in any manner, the balancing energy Dan’s work brought to this topic was immensely valuable, as it helped many of us understand WHY those in power were so obsessed with doing things on particular dates. He started to normalize the idea of turning the numbers in on yourself and seeing importance in them.

Without question, the elites have grown to understand more about this realm we occupy than those of us raised by public education, and are mimicking the code of this matrix with their rituals as a form of worship.

Incredibly, Dan’s full and common names both have matching gematria with Carl Jung’s full name.

Carl Gustav Jung and Daniel Edward Behrendt both = 176 Ordinal

17/6 was the release date of the Police album called Synchronicity by The Police. The album cover shows lead singer Sting reading Carl Jung’s book entitled Synchronicity.

Carl Gustav Jung and Dan Behrendt both = 50 and 202

Carl Jung died 50 days before his next birthday, or 10 months, 11 days after his last. Dan was born on the 10th of November, or 10/11:

Carl’s name on his book Synchronicity appears as C.G. Jung:

Even their nicknames match.

CG Jung - Synchronicity = 100, CH Jung = 100, Dan Beartrap = 100, Daniel Edward = 100

There’s a pretty wild alignment when you measure between their dates of birth.

Dan was born 107 days after Carl’s 107th birthday:

107 is the 28th Prime number

"CG Jung" = 28 (Reverse Reduction)

Carl’s last birthday fell on the 208th day of a leap year, and he would go on to die on date leaving 208 days on the calendar:

"Synchronicity" = 208 (Francis Bacon)

Jung died 208 days after Behrendt’s birthday:

Dan wrote his own book about synchronicity called The Synchromystic.

"The Synchromystic" = 208 (Reverse Ordinal)

The book’s release fell exactly 60 years, 2 months after the death of C.G. Jung:

"CG Jung" = 62 (English Ordinal)

Dan’s last video explores the “peacock” theme that has been pervasive ever since the spring equinox. Carl Jung once wrote that the peacock is associated with the Self, and how it symbolizes the transformation of consciousness. Consider how head coach Bill Self just won the NCAA National Championship with the Jayhawks this week – his first title since 2008.

More “Synchronicity”

Dan was born in the year 1982, just one month before The Police began recording their final album, the aforementioned Synchronicity.

Synchronicity and Conspiracy Theory both = 1982

The lead singer of the Police was Sting, who shares a 95 with Behrendt’s common and full names.

"Sting" = 95 (Francis Bacon)

Dan Behrendt = 95, Daniel Edward Behrendt = 95

The 95th Prime number is 499

Dan was born exactly 499 years after Martin Luther:

"Carl Gustav Jung" = 1499 (English Extended)

Martin Luther, who shares the same November 10th birthday with Dan Behrendt, was famous for posting the 95 Theses on Halloween, leading to the Lutheran Church.

"Halloween" = 95 (English Ordinal)

Curiously, I was born on a date with 95 numerology, and my full name also sums to 95:(6) + (4) + (85) = 95

"Derek Michael J Tikkuri" = 95 (Full Reduction)

The Synchromystic was published on the 218th day of the year:

Martin Luther passed away on February 18th, the date written 2/18 or 18/2 internationally.

"Synchronicity" = 182 (English Ordinal)

Martin Luther and Synchronicity both = 773 Fibonacci

"The Mindless Freaks" = 773 (English Extended)
Dan’s blog’s name

This connection appears powerful once you consider the similarity of philosophies they have shared with the world. When the Catholic Church got carried away with twisting God’s word, Martin Luther stepped in as a corrective force. When people got carried away with numerology, confusing the work of the Creator with the work of man, Dan stepped in as a corrective force.

Likewise, Carl Jung grew increasingly unsatisfied with the direction of his colleague, Sigmund Freud, over the course of their professional relationship. Jung would ultimately publish “Psychology of the Unconscious”, which highlighted the primary differences between his work and Freud’s.

More Fun Facts

95 is a number connected to Pi. “Mathematics of the circle” = 666, and 666 days is a span of 95 weeks on the calendar.

"Pi" = 95 (Satanic)

Pi is 3.14. Dan was born on the 314th day of the year.

Sting was a span of 31 years, 40 days old when Dan was born on the 314th day:

Sting’s album Synchronicity was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2009. That same year, a large amount of Jung’s work in psychology was published as The Red Book.

"The Red Book" = 314 (Jewish)

314 is the first multiple of 157

Dan’s birthday is 157 days after the date Jung died, the 157th day of the year:

Lutheranism = 157 and 140, Behrendt = 140

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