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Jim Boeheim’s Wife Juli Gets Robbed at Gunpoint

Juli Boeheim, wife of Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim, robbed outside mall: report

Juli’s husband Jim is the coach of the Syracuse men’s basketball team. Back in 2019, Jim was involved in a fatal accident when the car he was driving struck a pedestrian on the freeway who was attempting to flee a disabled vehicle.

See my video on that incident, as well as my follow-up regarding the related synchronicities I experienced. It had a lot to do with the Wizard of Oz, which was released in ’39.

Yesterday was 3 years, 9 days after the crash involving her husband:

Boeheim = 39 and 33

The 33rd Prime number is 137

The man killed in 2019 was named Jorge Jimenez. Juli was robbed outside of a Destiny USA.

Jorge Jimenez and Destiny USA both = 137 and 61

In Latin/Jewish, Juli Boeheim is just one shy of Destiny USA.

In Jewish, Juli Boeheim = 938 and Destiny USA = 939

Jim Boeheim is in his 46th season coaching the Syracuse men’s basketball team. Juli was Robbed at Gunpoint on a date with Primary numerology of 46:(3) + (1) + (20) + (22) = 46

Robbed and Gunpoint both = 46

These words also both sum to 116.

Robbed and Gunpoint both = 116

Syracuse’s next opponent is the Hurricanes (more on this below). A loss would drop their conference record to 9-11.

"Hurricanes" = 116 (English Ordinal)

Juli was Robbed at Gunpoint a span of 1106 days after her husband’s accident:

11:06 on a clock is 666 minutes

Syracuse and New York both = 666 Sumerian

This story out of Syracuse, NY fell on the 60th day of the year:

"Syracuse, NY" = 60 (Single Reduction)

Syracuse Basketball

Juli Boeheim was born on March 5th in Miami, Florida:

Her husband’s next basketball game, which will also feature two of their sons, is the season finale on March 5th against the Miami Hurricanes:

It will be Juli’s 56th birthday. This stood out because L. Frank Baum was born in ’56 and died on 5/6, or May 6th. Baum was a main topic of the second video I made on Jim Boeheim, because he’s from the Syracuse area and wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Juli got robbed 102 years, 300 days after the death of L. Frank Baum:

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz = 102, 300, and 123

Game Numbers

If Boeheim’s Orange lose to the ‘Canes, he’ll finish the 2022 season with 1098 total wins.

Syracuse, New York = 222 and 1098

If you’re thinking about gambling on these, also consider the other side. An Orange victory would give Syracuse their 2057th all-time win. Juli was born 257 days before Jim’s birthday.  257 is the 55th Prime number, and Juli Boeheim is currently 55 years old.

"Juli Boeheim" = 55 (Full Reduction)

A win would keep the Orange on 947 all-time losses. That’s the 161st Prime number.

"Miami Hurricanes" = 161 (English Ordinal)

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