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The Death of Hulk Hogan’s Father (2001)

Hulk Hogan was born in Augusta, Georgia. Augusta is best-known for being home to one of the PGA’s four Majors, The Masters Tournament.

Masters Tournament = 223 and The Masters = 142 Reverse

Hulk Hogan was born on the 223rd day, which left 142 days in the year:

Hulk Hogan was born in 1953
The 1953 Masters winner was Ben Hogan
1953 is when “Hogan’s secret” was revealed

"William Ben Hogan" = 223 (Francis Bacon)

Ben Hogan shattered the Masters record by five strokes that year, and became the oldest man to win the tournament. Both Hogans are Leos, and Ben also died during the time of Leo in the year ’97.

"Hulk Hogan" = 97 (English Ordinal)

Also in that Francis Bacon cipher, his common name Ben Hogan sums to 118.

"Ben Hogan" = 118 (Francis Bacon)

Hulk Hogan was born on November 8th, or 11/8

Hulk’s 11/8 birthday falls a span of 118 days before his dad’s:


The date of Ben’s win had Primary numerology of 88, like how the Hulkster’s initials H.H. are 8-8 in Ordinal:(4) + (12) + (19) + (53) = 88

Pietro passed away at the age of 88 years, 13 days:

Pietro was born in the year ’13

"Pietro Bollea" = 130 (English Ordinal)

"Ben Hogan" = 130 (Franc Baconis)

Pietro Bollea died 130 days after his son Terry’s birthday:

It was on the date leaving 13 days in the year:

Augusta has matching gematria with Thirteen, which sums to 347 in Latin/Jewish.

Augusta and Thirteen both = 99 and 45

"Thirteen" = 347 (Jewish)

Ben Hogan died 347 days after his birthday:

Ben won his first Major championship 13 days after his birthday, which falls on the 13th:

The word Golf sums to 40.

"Golf" = 40 (English Ordinal)

Ben Hogan was 40 years old for his second Masters win and Hulk’s birth:

The 40th Prime number is 173

Hulk Hogan was born 4 months, 0 days (or 17 weeks, 3 days) after Ben Hogan’s victory:

40 is the first number with Ordinal gematria of 84.

"Forty" = 84 (English Ordinal)

Hulk Hogan won his first WWF Championship in ’84.

Ben Hogan would go on to die at the age of 84:

Hulkamania was born on a date with Primary numerology of 91 and 37:(8) + (11) + (19) + (53) = 91 and (8) + (11) + 1+9+5+3 = 37

Hulkamania = 91 and 37

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