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Stanford Goaltender Katie Meyer Dies @ 22

Stanford women's soccer goalie Katie Meyer dead at 22

Katie died in Stanford, California on March 1st, or 3/01.

"Stanford, California" = 301 (Reverse Ordinal)

When hearing about the passing of this goalkeeper, I immediately thought of this post from 2019 involving the death of Taylor Ceepo (think Ceepo / Keeper).

Taylor and Ceepo both = 91

The similarities were striking – two sudden, premature deaths of blonde female athletes, one in ’22 and one in ’19, both of whom were 22 years old and wore #19 for their respective teams:

Each woman has a name that sums to 19 in Reduction.

Katie and Ceepo both = 19

Taylor Ceepo’s birthday was 11/9
Katie Meyer was born one day after 1/19

News of Katie’s death was published a span of 1019 days after Ceepo died:

Ceepo went to Walsh, while Katie went to Stanford.

Walsh = 1019 Jewish and Stanford = 119 Reverse

Katie Meyer was 19 years, 119 days old when Taylor passed away in ’19:

Meyer won the National Championship in ’19

ESPN posted this tweet 119 days after the day it actually happened:

Her cause of death is being reported as Suicide.

"Suicide" = 119 (Reverse Ordinal)

Katie went to Stanford, which is just outside of San Jose, about 20 minutes from where the San Francisco 49ers play their home games. The 49ers are led by quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Katie died 119 days after Garoppolo’s birthday:

The most famous quarterback to ever come out of Stanford in John Elway, who won to Super Bowls for Denver.

Her death fell 119 days before Elway’s birthday:

Speaking of a John in Denver…singer John Denver died on a date with 119 numerology:(10) + (12) + (97) = 119

On the same day as Meyer’s death, we learned that Jimmy Garoppolo would have shoulder surgery, forcing him to miss 16 weeks:49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo set to undergo shoulder surgery, will not throw for 16 weeks

16 weeks is 112 days

Goalie Katie Meyer died 112 days after Taylor’s birthday:

"Goalie" = 112 (English Extended)

"Katie Meyer" = 112 (English Ordinal)

"Stanford, California" = 112 (Reverse Reduction)

It’s worth mentioning that Meyer had 6,666 tweets on her Twitter feed:

"Meyer" = 66 (English Ordinal)

I grew up idolizing a guy who wore #19 as a young kid – Robin Yount of the “Milwaukee Brewers” = 190. Yount was amazingly 66 years, 166 days old yesterday. A girl named “Katie” sang the national anthem at a game I went to in 2018 where they gave away a free Robin Yount jersey.


The pro basketball team nearest to Stanford is the Golden State Warriors, who lost to the Timberwolves on this same date:

GOLden StateGOALkeeper
The two teams combined to score 243 points

Goalkeeper = 243, 175, and 95, Golden State Warriors = 243, Golden State = 175, Warriors = 95

"Katie Meyer" = 1075 (English Extended)

Katie Meyer was born on 1/20/2000. Golden State sits on the 122nd meridian.

"Golden State" = 122 (English Ordinal)

Each woman’s name has a Prime number connection to the number of days the other was after her birthday.

"Taylor Paige Ceepo" = 173 (English Ordinal)

173 is the 40th Prime number
It was the Warriors’ 19th loss on the season

Nineteen = 40 and 41

Meyer died 40 days (or a span of 41) after her last birthday:

She was born on a date with Primary numerology of 41:(1) + (20) + (20) + (00) = 41

My decode on Taylor Ceepo explained how relevant the Eclipse code was.

"Eclipse" = 192 (Jewish)

Taylor died a span of 192 days after her birthday:

The 192nd Prime number is 1163

"Kathryn D Meyer" = 1163 (Jewish)

The same day we learned of what happened to Ceepo, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy was sworn in to office. Seems relevant considering how his nation is now under siege by Russian forces.

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