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Three Killed in Michigan Single-Car Accident

3 brothers die in Michigan after their car gets trapped in an icy pond

Although this happened on Thursday, this story out of Michigan was not published until today, the same day that Michigan coach Juwan Howard is headlining the sports pages after starting a fight after his team’s loss to Wisconsin:Michigan coach Juwan Howard takes swipe at Wisconsin men's basketball assistant after loss

Today has Primary numerology of 64:(2) + (20) + (20) + (22) = 64

"Michigan" = 64 (English Ordinal)

There is one pond in the area that CNN says the crash occurred in, but there is no Curb between it and the road like the article states.

"Curb" = 64 (Reverse Ordinal)

CNN’s headline sums to 303 in Reduction.

"3 brothers die in Michigan after their car gets trapped in an icy pond" = 303 (Full Reduction)

The name Howard sums to 33 and 30.

Howard = 33 and 30

The story about a crash in Holland, Michigan involves a 30 year-old woman and her 3 sons.

Holland = 30 and 33

"February twentieth" = 220 (English Ordinal)

The date this story was published February twentieth, or 2/20/2022.

The Tahoe went into a Pond 2220 months, 22 days after Michigan’s date of statehood:

Tahoe and Pond both = 22

Chevy Tahoe = 222 and 49

49 is 7×7

"Holland, Michigan" = 77 (Reverse Reduction)

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