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Bridge Collapse in Pittsburgh as Biden Visits for Infrastructure

Snow-covered bridge in Pittsburgh collapses hours before scheduled Biden visit to talk infrastructure

Once again, we’re forced to ask – what are the odds? The same day Joe Biden was scheduled to visit Pittsburgh to talk about infrastructure improvements, a piece of infrastructure in Pittsburgh collapsed, injuring several drivers who were on the bridge at the time.

Today is the date that leaves 337 days in the year:

337 is the 68th Prime number

Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill = 337 and Pittsburgh, PA = 68

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill was signed was signed back on November 15th, which was a date with Primary numerology of 67:(11) + (15) + (20) + (21) = 67

"Infrastructure" = 67 (Full Reduction)

Joe Biden

The word Bridge has gematria of 107.

"Bridge" = 107 (Jewish)

107 is the 28th Prime number

This Bridge collapse in Frick Park occurred on January 28th, or 1/28.

"Bridge collapse" = 128 (English Ordinal)

"Frick" = 128 (English Extended)

"Frick Park - Pittsburgh, PA" = 128 (Reverse Reduction)

Today is 12 months, 8 days after Joe Biden was sworn in:

128 is 64×2

Joe Biden and Bridges both = 64 Ordinal

"Bridge collapse" = 640 (Fibonacci)

Today’s date can also be written as 28/1. The number 281 is the 60th Prime.

"Biden" = 60 (Jewish)

"Frick Park" = 60 (Reverse Reduction)

Biden’s full name sums to 108, giving us another reason today is important to him.

"Joseph Robinette Biden Jr." = 108 (Full Reduction)

Today is 1 year, 8 days into Biden’s presidency:

It was a Snow-covered bridge at Frick Park.

In Jewish, "Snow" = 1080 and "Frick" = 108

Today is 373 days into Biden’s presidency, and 74 days after the signing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act:

373 is the 74th Prime number

Today is 7 months, 4 days after the Surfside condo collapse, which happened within a day of a bridge collapse in Washington, D.C.:

It’s been 7444 days since 9/11:

The World Trade Center sat on the 74th meridian:

Bridge collapse = 74 and 79

America’s creepy uncle is currently 79 years old:

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