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The Jeopardy! Winning Streak of Matt Amodio

In February of 2021, I made this video, explaining the powerful connections between Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings from Edmonds, Washington, and baseball player Jim Edmonds. Jennings’ record winning streak occurred in 2004, the same year the Red Sox broke their 88-year losing streak against Jim Edmonds’ Cardinals.

That video was spawned out of research done into the death of 5-time Jeopardy! winner Brayden Smith, Alex Trebek’s “last great champion”, whose unexpected death occurred just a few months after Trebek’s.

In the 11 months since I made the video on Ken Jennings, two different players have managed to accumulate winning streaks of 38 and 40, which is quite the anomaly. But of course, Jeopardy! is not a real game show, so we will instead reveal the numerology of these staged events. We begin with the first of these two streak holders, Matt Amodio:

"Matt Amodio" = 159 (Reverse Ordinal)

Matt Amodio made his first appearance 159 days after news of Brayden’s death was first published on February 12th, or 12/2:

"Jeopardy!" = 122 (Reverse Ordinal)

Lunar Eclipse Riddle

Brayden Smith’s full name has matching 283 gematria with The Moon.

Brayden Andrew Smith and The Moon both = 283

Brayden’s loss, ending his 5-game winning streak, aired on the date January 5th, which could be written 1/5 or 5/1 in ’21.

Moon = 15, 51, and 21

Brayden Smith was 8888 days old for his final appearance:

The number 88 is representative of the passage of time, symbolized by apparent motion of the Sun and Moon in the sky:

His full name matches Total lunar eclipse in multiple base methods.

Brayden Andrew Smith and Total lunar eclipse both = 203 and 103

Brayden was born on a date with Standard numerology of 111:(9) + (6) + (96) = 111

Matt Amodio‘s streak ended on 10/11

In Ordinal, Matt Amodio = 111, Brayden Smith = 138

Brayden Smith died a span of 111 days before the 2021 Total lunar eclipse, and Matt Amodio‘s streak ended 138 days later:

The Moon has the same Ordinal values as Matthew.

The Moon and Matthew both = 90 and 99

“Moon” Riddle

The Moon‘s range of declination is 57 degrees:

"Moon" = 57 (English Ordinal)

In ancient Hebrew, the word for eclipse sums to 57:

Matt’s run was was called the “Amodio Rodeo“.

The Amodio Rodeo began a span of 57 days after the 2021 Total lunar Eclipse:

Brayden Smith, Matthew Amodio, Amodio, Amodio Rodeo, and Rodeo all = 57

Amodio’s first episode aired 218 days after Brayden’s first, and 197 days after Brayden’s last:Moon = 218 Hebrew and 197 Satanic

Moon = 218 Hebrew and 197 Satanic

Both of their names sum to 69 in Reverse Reduction.

Brayden Smith

Brayden Smith was born on 9/6/96

Brayden and Smith both = 33

Lunar and Eclipse both = 69 and 33

Amodio’s first victory fell on July 21st, which had numerology of 69 and 33:(7) + (21) + (20) + (21) = 69, (7) + (21) + 2+0+2+1 = 33, and it was the 202nd day of the year

July 21st is the end of Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon, and the beginning of Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. This connects us to the Total solar eclipse code.

Total solar eclipse = 202 Ordinal, Ritual human sacrifice = 202 Jewish Ordinal

Solar Eclipse Riddle

Amodio was born on December 4th:

December 4th, or 12/4, was the date of the only Total solar eclipse of 2021:

Amodio’s loss fell a span of 1 month, 24 days before 12/4:

He lost in his 39th appearance
He averaged $39k per win

Matt Amodio, Brayden, and Eclipse all = 39

The 39th Prime number is 167

The episode aired a span of 167 days after Brayden Smith died:

Brayden Smith would have been 9,167 days old for Amodio’s loss:

Eclipse and Amodio = 33, Amodio Rodeo = 333

The 33rd Prime number is 137

Total eclipse = 137 and 187

The show fell a span of 137 days before the Total eclipse on his birthday, when he was 11,187 days old:

In Hebrew, Total solar eclipse sums to 280.

"אלמ המח יוקיל" = 280 (Hebrew Gematria)

The two men’s losses were separated by a span of 280 days:

A solar eclipse causes darkness during the day. In three of the four Gospels, darkness falls over the sky during the crucifixion of Jesus:

"Jesus" = 985 (Jewish)

Brayden would have been 9085 days old for Amodio’s debut:

Thirty-three, Judas, and Ritual human sacrifice all = 895 in Jewish gematria

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