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Son of Actress Regina King, Musician Ian Alexander Dies @ 26

Actress Regina King's son Ian Alexander Jr. has died at 26: "Our family is devastated at the deepest level"

Ian Alexander was the son of actress Regina King. Regina played the daughter in a TV series called 227 that I posted about a few years ago. 227 is connected to Pi (click to enlarge):

"Pi" = 95 (Satanic)

This is the Ordinal gematria of Regina King.

"Regina King" = 95 (English Ordinal)

News of Ian’s death broke 9500 days after his date of birth:

"Apartment Two twenty-seven" = 95 (Full Reduction)

Lead actress Marla Gibbs is 33,095 days old:

Ian, who was born on January 19th or 1/19, allegedly died after committing Suicide.

"Suicide" = 119 (Reverse Ordinal)

227 was the family’s Apartment number.

"Apartment 227" = 263 (Full Reduction)

"Two hundred twenty-seven" = 263 (Reverse Ordinal)

Ian would be 26 years, 3 days old today:

"Alexander" = 263 (Primes)

263 is the 56th Prime number
The final episode of 227 aired on 5/6

"Ian Alexander" = 506 (Jewish)

Mathematics of the Circle

Mathematics of the circle = 216 Ordinal and Ian Alexander = 216 Reverse

When it comes to the two circles in the sky orbiting Earth, a very significant number is 108:

"Mathematics of the circle" = 108 (Single Reduction)

227 first premiered on the date leaving 108 days in the year:

"Regina" = 108 (Reverse Ordinal)

Regina and Ian Alexander has matching 108 gematria with Apartment.

Ian Alexander and Apartment both = 108 Ordinal

In Reverse, Apartment sums to 135. The show’s main character was named Mary Jenkins.

"Apartment" = 135 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Mary Jenkins" = 1305 (Jewish)

Regina was 1305 weeks old when Ian was born:

He had Primary birth numerology of 135:(1) + (19) + (19) + (96)

Sports Riddles

Her name is quite royal – the name “Regina” translates to Queen in Latin, and her last name is King. Today is the anniversary of the death of home run King Hank Aaron, who died one day before Larry King, the “king” of the airwaves.

Running back Derrick Henry, whose nick name is King Henry, makes his return today against the Bengals, who are from Cincinnati, where Regina was born.

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