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Matrix Resurrections “Revelation” Riddle

Resurrections was released on 12/22

"John the Revelator" = 1222 (English Extended)

Revelation was written by John the Revelator. It’s about the return of The Son of God, or the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

The Son

Keanu Reeves was 20930 days old when Resurrections was released:

Revelation of Jesus Christ, Second coming of Jesus Christ, and The Reut

Neo was resurrected into the Matrix by the Analyst, who was played by Neil Patrick Harris.

Analyst and Neil Patrick Harris both = 92

The film was released a span of 191 days after his birthday:

Neil Patrick Harris = 191 and 268, Return of Jesus = 191 and Return of Jesus Christ = 268

Keanu Reeves was born 3208 days before Neil Patrick Harris:

Many worlds interpretation and Revelation of Jesus Christ = 328, The One = 328

The 328th Prime number is 2203
Mr. Anderson jumps 2203 seconds into the film

Revelation, Mr. Anderson, and Neo & Trinity all = 121, 149, and 59

Neo and Trinity were born 1083 days apart:

"Neo and Trinity" = 183 (Reverse Ordinal)

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