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Hugh Everett III and His “Many Worlds” Theory in The Matrix

In the original Matrix film, the main character Thomas Anderson makes a choice to take the Red Pill, beginning his journey captured within the first trilogy. Matrix Resurrections begins by showing what Anderson’s life would be like had he instead chosen the Blue pill – this provides an intriguing perspective on the Many-worlds interpretation, or MWI.

Many Worlds = 45, MWI = 45

The movie begins with Keanu Reeves, who plays Mr. Anderson, operating a Modal testing environment of the Matrix.

"Anderson" = 45 (Single Reduction)

"Modal" = 45 (English Ordinal)

The number 45 sums to 126, a number shared with Keanu Reeves, who plays Mr. Anderson in this exploration of the Many Worlds interpretation.

Forty-five, Keanu Reeves, Anderson, and Many worlds all = 126

"Matrix Resurrections" = 269 (English Ordinal)

269 is the 57th Prime number

MWI was first proposed in ’57. Keanu Reeves is currently 57 years old:

"Everett" = 570 (English Sumerian)

Hugh Everett III

The man credited with the MWI theory of quantum physics was Hugh Everett IIIMatrix Resurrections had a pre-release in San Francisco, where it is based from, on 12/18.

Keanu Charles Reeves and Hugh Everett both = 1218

Reeves, who plays The One, has Primary birth numerology of 94:(9) + (2) + (19) + (64) = 94

"Matrix" = 940 (English Extended)

Everett = 94 and 95, The One = 95

Everett’s full name also has matching base gematria with Reeves’ character, Thomas Anderson.

Hugh Everett III and Thomas Anderson both = 166, 212, and 77

Note especially the number 77. This is also a shared value with the word Matrix and Christ.

Hugh Everett III, Matrix, and Christ all = 85 and 77

"Fall" = 77 (Reverse Ordinal)

Anderson is shown about to Fall from a building in two different scenes – the first time is 2203 seconds in, and the second happens at 40:40:

Bugs Bunny = 44 and 440

He is saved both times by Bugs, whose name is a reference to Bugs Bunny.

Bugs Bunny and the Matrix both = 125, 118, and 46

As Bugs and Morpheus escape the theater in one of the film’s opening scenes, we get a brief glimpse at the name of the movie being shown. Notice the two posters showing a distinct cross shape, referring to Christ. The address on the building is 77:

The name of the film is Root of All Evil, which sums to 1111. It’s even showing in Theater 1.

"ROOT OF ALL EVIL" = 1111 (Jewish)

1111 is widely-regarded as the “wake-up” number. Consider how Alex Jones, who is trying to wake people up to the New World Order, sums to 1111.

"Alex Jones" = 1111 (Jewish)

Matrix Resurrections came out 111 days after Reeves’ birthday:

Hugh Everett III was born on November 11th, written 11/11.

Report: WFT’s Deshazor Everett Involved in Fatal Car Accident

He was born in Washington, D.C. The number 1930 is very similar to the gematria of Washington Football Team.

"Washington Football Team" = 1630 (Jewish)

Deshazor Everett

One day after the release of Matrix Resurrections, Washington safety Deshazor Everett was in a fatal car wreck in Virginia.

11+11 = 22, Everett’s number. The Safety was born on 2/22

"Safety" = 22 (Full Reduction)

The woman who died in that crash was from Las Vegas. That’s where the crash involving Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Henry Ruggs, which was all about the number 22, occurred.

Deshazor’s full name sums to 101 in Reduction, which represents 11 in numerology.

"Deshazor Dontee’ Everett" = 101 (Full Reduction)

The new human civilization in the film is called Io. This is a reference to Binary code, which is made up of exclusively 1‘s and 0‘s. The new game Anderson is working on in the start of the film is called Binary.

In the original Matrix trilogy, Anderson lives in Room 101:

In the film 1984, which is also about overarching systems of control, Room 101 is a prison chamber where man’s darkest fears are manifested:

Both her and Everett’s names sum to 74.

Deshazor Everett and Olivia Peters both = 74

Jesus and Jesus Christ both = 74

"Reeves" = 74 (English Ordinal)

Deshazor Everett was 303 days after his birthday:

In the original film, Neo is shot near the heart at the Heart o’ the City Hotel through the doorway of Room #303:

"Hotel" = 303 (English Extended)

When Neo dies again in the third film, there is similar Christ symbolism:

In Jewish gematria, Thomas Anderson = 589, Jesus = 985

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