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Aaron Rodgers Snags All-Time Packers TD Total from Favre

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers breaks Brett Favre's franchise record with 443rd TD pass.

Rodgers now has 443 career touchdown passes

"The Sun" = 443 (Jewish)

The Sun is approximately 93 million miles away

After about two decades of incompetence, Brett Lorenzo Favre led The Green Bay Packers to their first postseason of a new era in the year ’93.

"Brett Lorenzo Favre" = 93 (Reverse Reduction)

"The Green Bay Packers" = 93 (Single Reduction)

In 2008, the Packers were ready to move on from Brett Favre, as backup QB Aaron Charles Rodgers had shown that he was ready for a starting role.

"Aaron Charles Rodgers" = 93 (Full Reduction)

Aaron dressed up as John Wick for Halloween:

"John Wick" = 93 (English Ordinal)

Today, Rodgers broke Brett Favre’s franchise record for most career touchdown passes. Favre was known for being a bit overzealous on the field, and has the most interceptions thrown in NFL history. Rodgers, on the other hand, is the most efficient QB in NFL history, and has broken Favre’s record with only 93 career interceptions:

The 93rd Prime number is 487
Rodgers entered the game with 487 career touchdown passes
He broke Favre’s record on Christmas Day

On Christmas, we remember the birth of God’s son, who was from Nazareth and died on the Crucifix on the 93rd day of the year between 9 am and 3 pm.

"God's son" = 93 (English Ordinal)

Aaron Rodgers is 13,903 days old:

The record-breaking pass was caught by #13, like Jesus’ initials of J.C.:Allen Lazard and Jesus Christ both = 43

"JC" = 13 (English Ordinal)

13 squared is 169
They broke the record against the Cleveland Browns

"Cleveland Browns" = 169 (English Ordinal)

Brett Favre, who was born in 1969, is 19069 days old:

Allen Lazard

That receiver’s name is Allen Lazard.

Lazard, who was born in ’95 on the 11th, is 9511 days old:In Reduction, Six hundred sixty-six = 95 and Jesus = 11

It was Lazard’s 11th career touchdown

It was his 12th TD if you include the postseason. Rodgers of course wears #12.

Lazard has Primary birth numerology of 137:(12) + (11) + (19) + (95) = 137

Rodgers has 137 career wins
The Packers are now 13-7 all-time vs. CLE
137 is the 33rd Prime number

The Crucifixion of Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is believed to have been crucified at age 33 in 33 A.D.

"Cleveland" = 33 (Full Reduction)

Sun/Moon Riddle

Rodgers’ touchdown pass was from #12 to #13. Most years have 12 lunar phases, but some have 13.

The Moon’s Metonic cycle is 19 years long, 7 of which contain a Thirteenth month (lunar phase).

Metonic cycle, Nineteen years, and Thirteenth month all = 197

Brett Favre is a span of 19070 days old:

197 is the 45th Prime number

Rodgers currently has 45 postseason passing touchdowns. He was the MVP of Super Bowl 45.

The Metonic cycle is 19 years long.

"Metonic cycle" = 1108 (English Extended)

The Packers were founded on August 11th, or 11/08 in 1919. The Sun is the 19th card of the Tarot:

"Nineteen nineteen" = 488 (Jewish)

If you include the playoffs, this was Aaron Rodgers‘ 488th career touchdown pass.

"Aaron Rodgers" = 488 (Jewish)

1919 is the Jewish/Latin value of 1331, the ultimate eclipse number. The game was played in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Jesus the Messiah = 1331, One thousand three hundred thirty-one = 1919

"Total solar eclipse" = 202 (English Ordinal)

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