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Rapper Slim 400 Shot and Killed in Inglewood, CA

Slimm 400 death: Rapper shot, killed in Inglewood

The press release on the death of Demaryius Thomas came from Englewood, CO, despite the fact that he died in Georgia. Englewood is a suburb of Denver, where Thomas spent most of his playing career.

His death at 33 years old fell on the same date that rapper Slim 400 was shot and killed at age 33 in the city of Inglewood, CA. He was originally from Compton.

"Compton" = 33 (Full Reduction)

It was 93 days after the anniversary of the ’96 shooting of Tupac by Compton Crips.

Compton = 93 and 96

Slim 400 was born on June 21st:

June 21st is also the birthday of Jussie Smollett, who was just found guilty for reporting a hoax to police on the same day as the rapper’s death:

Slim 400 had just shared a tribute to another rapper who was murdered last month in another occult ritual:Compton rapper Slim 400 shot and killed after sharing tribute to Young Dolph The rapper collaborated with Young Dolph, who was shot and killed last month.

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