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Televangelist Marcus Lamb Reportedly Dies of COVID-19

Anti-vaccine Christian broadcaster Marcus Lamb dies at 64 after contracting Covid Lamb's Daystar Television Network had asked viewers in recent days to pray for his recovery.

Marcus Lamb, who founded Daystar TV, died on November 30th. For years, I’ve been explaining how that date is connected to the number 1331.

Marcus Lamb = 103 and 31, Daystar TV = 130 and 31

Lamb died at the age of 64.

"Sacrificial Lamb" = 64 (Full Reduction)

When someone who mocks anti-vaxxers dies from COVID, or members of the treasonous media die from the vaccine, I would find it inappropriate to lead the headline of the article off with their stance on medical issues. Remarkably, the media throws the term “Anti-vaccine” at the front of this headline, as if that’s really the most important thing about him. It’s true insanity.

"Anti-vaccination" = 155 (English Ordinal)

The pastor had gematria of 155 and 56, ideal for a story involving Coronavirus.

Marcus Daron Lamb and Coronavirus both = 155 and 56

The virus is called Covid-19.

Marcus D. Lamb = 190 and 107

Marcus D. Lamb died 10 months 7 days before his 10/7 birthday:

Sacrificial Lamb and Ritual sacrifice both = 107

The last name Lamb seems quite appropriate for a pastor, does it not? Raising the eyebrow even further is that tonight’s NFL game features the Dallas Cowboys, who have a wide receiver named CeeDee Lamb, who was drafted 17th last year.

CeeDee Lamb = 107 and 55

Marcus Lamb died a span of 55 days after his birthday:

Tonight’s game is on a date with Primary numerology of 55:(12) + (2) + (20) + (21) = 55

"Lamb" = 55 (Franc Baconis)

Lamb wears #88 for Dallas:

CeeDee Lamb was born in ’93. Lamb’s network, Daystar, is headquartered in Dallas and was founded in ’93.

"Daystar" = 88 (English Ordinal)

Televangelist and Dallas Cowboys both = 151, 200, and 74

CeeDee Lamb’s full name sums to 75 in Reduction.

"Cedarian DeLeon Lamb" = 75 (Full Reduction)

Marcus Lamb died 75 days before the Super Bowl.

The 75th Prime number is 379…the 379th Prime number is 2609…the 2609th Prime number is 23431. Lamb died at the age of 23431 days.

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