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NFL Star J.J. Watt to Pay For Parade Victims’ Funerals

Cardinals' JJ Watt offers to pay funeral costs for Waukesha Christmas parade victims: report

Three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt, whose hometown of Pewaukee neighbors Waukesha, has stepped up and offered to pay for the funerals of the victims in this weekend’s attack at the Christmas parade.

J.J. Watt and Arizona both = 84 and 42

This past offseason, J.J. Watt signed with the Arizona Cardinals. This is interesting in light of my last post, which explained how the incident was connected to the Catholic Church. The highest-ranking member of the Catholic Church behind the Pope is called a Cardinal.

J.J.’s full name, Justin James Watt, sums to 730.

"Justin James Watt" = 730 (Satanic)

The vehicle ramming attack fell 7 months, 30 days after his birthday:

Waukesha’s mayor is 730 months old:

Sacrifice = 73 Ordinal, Ritual sacrifice = 73 Reduction

The attack, which the right side of the media has suggested may be in response to the Rittenhouse verdict in Kenosha, fell on a date with Primary numerology of 73:(11) + (21) + (20) + (21) = 73

"Kenosha" = 73 (English Ordinal)

The Rittenhouse shooting event also had numerology of 73:(8) + (25) + (20) + (20) = 73

Today’s news featuring J.J. was published on 11/24. The 11th Fibonacci and 24th Prime number is 89.

Watt was born in ’89

"Waukesha" = 89 (English Ordinal)

Waukesha and Watt both = 26
“Waukesha, Wisconsin” = 101, the 26th Prime

The all-pro lineman has Primary birth numerology of 133:(3) + (22) + (19) + (89) = 133

"Christmas" = 133 (Reverse Ordinal)

“Kill” Code

Death and Homicide both = 118 Jewish

Today is 118 days before Watt’s next birthday:

Waukesha Christmas parade = 118 S Exception and 244 Ordinal

The Waukesha Christmas parade fell 244 days after Watt’s birthday:

The Hebrew word for Kill sums to 244:

The name Watt matches Kill in English.

Kill and Watt both = 44 and 64

Funeral cost = 44 and 64

The attack occurred at approximately 4:40 pm. The governor of Wisconsin is named Tony Evers.

J.J. had just turned 404 lunar phases old a day before the tragedy. His lunar count relevant because he wears #99 and his birthday is 22/3.

הירח (The Moon) = 99 and 223

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