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Patriots Defeat Falcons 25-0 Just Before Lunar Eclipse

The 25th Prime number is 97

Bill Belichick = 97 Ordinal, The New England Patriots = 97 and 250

Last night, Bill Belichick entered last night’s game with 250 career wins with The New England Patriots, who would go on to win by a score of 25-0 over the Falcons:

Falcons = 25 and 250

In Super Bowl LI, which completed the NFL’s 97th season, the Patriots famously came back from a 25-point deficit on the date 2/5. It was Brady and Belichick’s 25th playoff win for the franchise, and the AFC’s 25th Super Bow victory. This was the same season where a touchback was moved up to the 25 yard-line.

The game was right after “Trump” = 25 became President, and they even had the “Pope” = 25 featured on the jumbotron at the game, which ended after James White, who turned 25 two days earlier, scored on a “Pitch” = 25. “Pats” = 25.

Since leaving New England, Tom Brady has started 25 regular season games for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Speaking of the Buccaneers…

The Bucs were involved in the last 25-0 game in NFL history, way back in 2002 – the year they won their first Super Bowl.

The last 25-0 game in the NFL was 7004 days prior:

The Patriots are now 7-4

The game fell 74 days after Mac Jones’s birthday:

Bill Belichick

William Stephen Belichick and Super Bowl Fifty-one both = 228

Last night’s game was a tribute to William Stephen Belichick and Super Bowl LI, which was in 2017.

Last night was a span of 217 days after Belichick’s birthday:

New England Patriots = 217 and 269

SBLI was Tom Brady’s 269th career start

"Mac Jones" = 269 (English Extended)

Last night was Belichick’s 347th regular season game with the Patriots. 347 is the 69th Prime number.

Belichick, Lunar, and Eclipse all = 69

He now has 251 regular season wins for the Pats.

"Pats" = 251 (Jewish)

251 is the 54th Prime number

"Lunar eclipse" = 54 (Full Reduction)

Eclipse Riddle

"Moon" = 51 (Reverse Ordinal)

Super Bowl 51 was heavily-connected to The Moon.

The Moon sums to 223 in Hebrew Gematria:

Thomas Edward Patrick Brady = 2023 and 2203, Super Bowl Fifty-one = 2023

Remember that game’s catch by Edelman, where the number 223 manifested to an extreme. This is a number connected to the Saros cycle, which is a period of 223 synodic months. Last night was the 322nd day of the year:

Just after last night’s game, the longest Lunar Eclipse in nearly 600 years began. This was brought up by Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, who told us that this eclipse was 3 hours, 28 minutes (the partial phase actually was):

They were even so kind as to remind us how the Patriots came back from being down 3-28 to win Super Bowl LI. The halftime show that year was performed by Lady Gaga, whose birthday is 3/28. Episode 3 of Simpsons season 28 even showed us the Falcons in the Super Bowl (viewed by 3.22 million people, lol).

The winning quarterback of last night’s game was Mac Jones, whose name syncs up with Partial lunar eclipse.

Partial Lunar Eclipse and Michael McCorkle Jones both = 86

Mac Jones was 1210 weeks old on the date of last night’s game:

Perhaps the number most-connected to Lunar Eclipses is 666.

Mac Jones was born in 1998, which is 3×666. A span of 666 days is exactly 95 weeks, and his birthday is 9/5.

Six hundred sixty-six and Partial lunar eclipse both = 95

His full name even has matching gematria with 666.

Six hundred sixty-six = 211 and 103, Michael McCorkle "Mac" Jones = 211, 103, and 616

616 is considered to be the true number of the Beast by some.

Patriots’ LB Kyle Van Noy was subjected to a “random” drug test after last night. Look at how well his name aligns with 666:Patriots' Kyle Van Noy subjected to random drug test after big game vs. Falcons: 'You can't make this up'

Kyle Van Noy = 144, 1666, and 2016, Mark of the Beast = 144
6×6×6 = 216

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