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Athletes Protest Execution of Julius Jones

Two days ago, I made this post on the death of former MLB player Julio Lugo.

The most famous contemporary athlete named Julio is likely Julio Jones, who plays in the NFL. Today, we got news about an NFL player supporting the protests involving a man named Julius Jones:

Both Julio and Julius Jones have the initials J.J., or 10-10. This is a riddle connected to the number of the Beast from Revelation and Covid nineteen.

Revelation and Covid nineteen both = 1010 Jewish

The COVID Nineteen Revelation began in 2020.

"COVID Nineteen Revelation" = 2020 (Jewish)

Julius Jones was set to be executed by lethal injection. To protect themselves from COVID-19, people all over the world have scrambled to inject themselves with an unknown mixture that has proven to be lethal to many.

Today has Primary numerology of 70, which is found in the shared gematria of Julius Jones and Coronavirus:(11) + (18) + (20) + (21) = 70

Julius Jones and Coronavirus both = 70, 155, and 142

Revelation reveals the number of the Beast to be 666, which is 999 flipped upside-down. The murder Jones is accused of committing occurred in 1999.

Baker Mayfield and Julio Jones were born a span of 6 years, 66 days apart:

There’s also 322 weeks between their birthdays, and today is the 322nd day of the year.

Baker’s middle name is Reagan. I made this post in 2019 explaining how Baker was numerically connected to Ronald Reagan, so having him in a story connected with a president is nothing new. More on this below.

“Beast” Coding

Baker Mayfield is a span of exactly 1388 weeks old:

Some historians believe the true number of the Beast is 616.

Trump announced a national emergency 616 days (or exactly 88 weeks) ago:

Trump and Beast both = 47 and 88

Donald Trump held his first rally after the declaration in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the Julius Jones murder case is taking place. It was on the eve of a middle eclipse of a Saros. That ritual was connected to the governor of Oklahoma, Kevin Stitt, who granted Jones clemency today.

That rally fell 99 days after the emergency declaration. “Tulsa, OK” = 99, and his visit was amid new racial tensions, just after the 99th anniversary of the Tulsa race massacre.

Today’s date is 11/18. Multiplying 11×18198. This is the value of Beast in the same cipher.

"Beast" = 198 (Jewish)

Julius Jones was born in 1980
Julio Jones was born in 1989

Julio Jones was born 198 days after Julius Jones’s birthday:

Baker Mayfield is even 31 weeks, 1 day after his birthday. “The Beast” = 311.

“666” Coding

Six hundred sixty-six has Jewish gematria of 2038.

"Six hundred sixty-six" = 2038 (Jewish)

Stitt became the governor of Oklahoma 2 years, 308 days ago:

"Beast" = 308 (English Extended)

Including the word “and“, the value grows to a similar 2083.

"Six hundred and sixty-six" = 2083 (Jewish)

Julio Jones is 283 days after his birthday:

Six six six is connected to 156 closely in gematria.

Six six six and Triple sixes both = 156 Ordinal

The 156th Prime number is 911

"Ritual human sacrifice" = 911 (Satanic)

Ronald Reagan was born in 1911
Yesterday was 9 months, 11 days after Reagan’s birthday
Tomorrow is 911 weeks after Reagan died
911 is an upside-down 116

"Execution" = 116 (English Ordinal)

Jones’s Execution is set to occur 116 days after his birthday:

666 is 111×6. Two days ago, on 11/16, Bill Gates, who is basically Mr. 666, announced plans for a new type of nuclear power plant.

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