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Bill Gates Announces Location of New Power Plant

Bill Gates' $4 bln high-tech nuclear reactor set for Wyoming coal site

I’ve lost track of how many posts I’ve made equating Bill Gates to the “Beast” code. This video from April of 2020 explains how he and his Foundation are stamped up-and-down with this numerology. Here’s some more posts:

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The date of this news story was 11/16. Multiplying 111×6 gives a product of 666, which is widely-recognized as the number of the Beast. However, the number 616 is believed to be the Beast’s real number by many.

Bill’s announcement fell a span of 616 days after the WHO declared a Coronavirus pandemic, when he was 66 years, 19 days old:

Natrium nuclear power plant = 619 Franc Baconis, Kemmerer, Wyoming = 619 Primes

616 days is exactly 88 weeks:

The experimental Energy facility in Kemmerer is said to cost Four billion dollars.

"Four billion dollars" = 88 (Full Reduction)

Energy, Kemmerer, and Beast all = 88

In Jewish gematria, Beast sums to 198.

"Beast" = 198 (Jewish)

The story fell a span of 198 days after we learned that Bill and Melinda were getting divorced:

The Natrium power plant was announced on day Sixteen of the month.

Natrium and Sixteen both = 96, 93, and 33

“Four billion dollars” = 665 (Primes) and 1665 (Trigonal), which is probably another nod to 666.

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