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Former World Series Champion Julio Lugo Dies @ 45

Former MLB player Julio Lugo has died at age 45

Julio Lugo won his lone World Series championship in 2007 with the Boston Red Sox.

"Boston Red Sox" = 861 (Jewish)

Julio Cesar Lugo died 168 months after the Red Sox clinched the 2007 World Series:

"Julio Cesar Lugo" = 168 (English Ordinal)

The day before they clinched, Lugo was 11668 days old. The following day was the first of Julio’s 1668th week since birth.

He was also 383 months old when he won his ring:

Julio Lugo = 383 Primes and 242 Franc Baconis

He passed away at the age of 2400 weeks, 2 days:

This year, the Red Sox were eliminated from the playoffs on 10/22. Julio died in the year ’21, or 2021, exactly 221 weeks after the first Great American Eclipse.

Julio Cesar Lugo = 210 and Julio Lugo = 122

It’s important to note why the Boston Red Sox are connected to solar eclipses.

Boston Red Sox = 53 and 1331, Solar eclipse = 53 and 503

“Killing” / “Kyle” code

The word Killing sums to 319 in Satanic gematria.

"Killing" = 319 (Satanic)

He died on the 319th day of the year, which leaves 46 days on the calendar:

Sacrifice = 46 Reduction, Kill and Murder both = 46 Hebrew Ordinal

Lugo was a span of exactly 46 years old when he died:

Without the end date, he was still 45 years old. The current Boston Red Sox shortstop, Xander Bogaerts, was 45 days (46 w/ end date) after his birthday.

Bogaerts is Dutch – the run that clinched the World Series this season was scored by Dutchman Ozzie Albies, who I posted about prior to that game. The last team Julio Lugo played for was the Atlanta Braves.

Julio died on 11/15, which fell a span of exactly 1115 days after the last time the Red Sox won the World Series:

Killing = 115 in both Reverse and Jewish

1115 was the primary number of focus in my post on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Kyle was born a span of 1 year, 115 days after 9/11:

911 is the 156th Prime number

"Julio Lugo" = 1156 (Jewish)

The name Lugo is a supermatch with Kyle.

Kyle and Lugo both = 53, 55, 17, and 19

“Sacrifice” Code

Julio Lugo was born 9911 days before Rittenhouse:

Julio was born on 11/16. He moved to Brooklyn when he was 13 and won a ring in the 103rd World Series.

Ritual human sacrifice = 911, 103, and 211

211 is the 47th Prime number

He died on a date with numerology of 47 and 67:(11) + (15) + (21) = 47 and (11) + (15) + (20) + (21) = 67

Blood sacrifice & Human sacrifice = 67

In Ordinal, Blood sacrifice sums to 121.

"Blood sacrifice" = 121 (English Ordinal)

Julio Lugo was born on a date with Primary numerology of 121:(11) + (16) + (19) + (75) = 121

"Julio Lugo" = 121 (Reverse Ordinal)

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