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Riddle Connecting Braves’ Charlie Morton to Executive Charlie Morton

My last post discussed the numerology of the broken leg suffered by Braves pitcher Charlie Morton during Game 1 of the World Series.

As it turns out, he’s not the only important Charlie Morton connected to the game of baseball. Check out how Wikipedia reminds us not to confuse the Atlanta ace with a different Charlie Morton:

This other Charlie Morton, whose full name was Charles Hazen Morton, died on 12/9.

"Charles Hazen Morton" = 1290 (English Sumerian)

The elder Morton died in 1921, which really stands out, because he was born exactly 129 years, 1 month before the Charlie Morton that is currently playing:

Notice how his baseball card has his nickname, Chas Morton. The next batter Charlie Morton faced after being struck in the leg was Chas McCormick. Because you know…everywhere you look these days, there’s probably some guy named Chas standing there.

Charlie Morton suffered a Broken leg 44 days before the 100th anniversary of Charlie Morton’s death:

Broken leg = 44 and 89, Charles Hazen Morton = 89

Last night was a span of 99 years, 322 days after the death of Charlie Morton:

On the 322nd day of the year during the 99th NFL season, Washington quarterback Alex Smith had his leg broken by J.J. Watt, whose birthday is 3/22 and was wearing #99. It happened on the anniversary of Joe Theismann, whose birthday is 9/9, breaking his leg on the 322nd day of the year. It was in Week “Eleven” = 99, like the number on his jersey, and Alex Smith was out of action for exactly 99 weeks. He returned the same day Dak Prescott broke his ankle.

Smith wore #11 and Theismann wore #7 – this is the 117th World Series. “Quarterback” = 117.

See my post on those incidents – both QB’s were injured in home games while playing for Washington. Both broken legs happened at the left-side 41-yard line, and both games ended with a score of 23-21, for a total of 44 points.

This riddle is incredibly deep and is actually connected to the Chicago Bulls and a broken foot Michael Jordan suffered less than three weeks before Theismann broke his leg. Jordan’s injury occurred on 10/29, reminding us of the date old Charlie Morton died.

Jordan and Theismann broke their bones in 1985. “Washington” = 985, “Scotty Maurice Pippen” = 1985, “Thirty-three” = 895. Morton got hurt 895 days before the second Great American Eclipse.

Washington’s Alex Smith announced his retirement on April 19th, the same day that we learned of the death of Scottie Pippen’s son. “Smith” = 33 and he was injured exactly 33 years after Joe Theismann. Pippen wore #33 for the “Bulls” = 33.

April 19th was also the first day of Taurus, the Bull sign, and the anniversary of the release of The Last Dance, which documented Jordan and Pippen’s last year together.

Joe Theismann was born exactly 333 months after the old Charlie Morton died. Their birthdays are separated by a span of 333 days and they were born 34,666 days apart.

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