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Charlie Morton Breaks Leg, Keeps Pitching Anyway

World Series 2021 - Braves' Charlie Morton threw 16 pitches on a broken leg -- and then apologized it wasn't more

Say whatever you want about professional athletes, the amount of money they make, whether or not they’re helping to rig games…a lot of these guys are tough as nails.

In the second inning of World Series Game 1, Charlie Morton took a scalding line drive off of his lower leg. If you have never played baseball, it’s hard to explain how badly getting hit by a baseball hurts, and I don’t think I ever got hit by anything over 70 MPH. This ball off the bat of Gurriel had an exit velocity of 102 MPH.

Despite taking a solid shot to a bony part of his ankle, Morton toughed out 16 more pitches before his leg finally gave way, forcing his exit. A couple of innings later, it was revealed that Morton had suffered a broken fibula, which made his effort all the more impressive.

Last night’s game was on October 26th, the date written 26/10. Earlier this year at UFC 261, Chris Weidman broke his leg in what I think is one of the best proofs of an organic eclipse code. Seriously, read that post back – it’s amazing.

October 26th can also be written as 10/26. Chris Weidman has Primary birth numerology and Ordinal gematria of 126:(6) + (17) + (19) + (84) = 126

"Chris Weidman" = 126 (English Ordinal)

Charlie = 126 Jewish, Morton IV = 126 Ordinal

Click here to see how this is connected to old-time baseball executive Charlie Morton, aka Chas Morton:

"Chas Morton" = 126 (English Ordinal)

The next hitter to face Morton after his leg was struck was Chas McCormick

Last night was a span of 6 months, 3 days after Chris Weidman’s injury:

Major League Baseball = 63, Major League = 63

Chris Weidman = 63, Lunar eclipse = 63

Weidman’s injury was connected to the Lunar eclipse the following month. Last night’s incident occurred to a man with the name Morton, which begins and ends with MO-ON, like “Moon”. In ancient Hebrew, the word for Moon sums to 218.

Moon = 218 in Hebrew

Charlie Morton was born 218 days before Chris Weidman:

Morton’s full name sums to 238 in the alphabetic order.

"Charles Alfred Morton IV" = 238 (English Ordinal)

The Moon is an average of ~238,900 miles away:
The Moon = 36 in Full Reduction and Reverse Single Reduction
The 36th Prime number is 151

Charlie Morton = 151 and Charlie Morton IV = 223

The Moon sums to 223 in Hebrew Gematria:

The line drive Morton was struck with came off the bat of American League batting champion Yuli Gurriel.

Gurriel was born 210 days after Charlie Morton:

"Moon" = 210 (English Extended)

The word MooN begins with the 13th letter, ends with the 13th letter in Reverse, and there are 13 lunar phases every couple of years. This syncs up with all of their names.

Charles Alfred Morton IV = 103, Christopher James Weidman = 130, Yuli Gurriel = 1030

The Moon and Thirteen = 99

It was Game 1 of the 117th World Series.

"Thirteen" = 117 (Reverse Ordinal)

Moon has Jewish gematria of 170 and a Hebrew Ordinal value of 38.

ירח (Moon) = 170 Jewish and 38 Hebrew Ordinal

Morton was injured 17 days before his 38th birthday:

"Charlie" = 38 (Full Reduction)

Charlie, who was born in 1983, was 1980 weeks, 3 days old:

Next Lunar Eclipses

Last night was a span of 203 days before the next Total lunar eclipse:

Total lunar eclipse

You have to appreciate that Yuli Gurriel was born in ’84 on June 9th, or 6/9.

Lunar and Eclipse both = 69 and 33

Weidman = 69 and 33

The next Lunar Eclipse falls 3 weeks, 3 days after last night’s game:

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