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Tim Anderson Hits Walk-Off Home Run in Field of Dreams Game

The game inspired by a Hollywood film wrapped up with a Hollywood ending:Field of Dreams game: Walk-off homer caps Hollywood ending for White Sox

The game began with Kevin Costner emerging into the stadium from the cornfield beyond the right field fence:

I’m not crying you’re crying

In my first post on this game, I pointed out how Field of Dreams was released in 89, which is the Reduction value of Costner’s full name.

"Kevin Michael Costner" = 89 (Full Reduction)

The final score would read 8-9

Last night’s Winning Pitcher, Liam Hendriks, was born in 89:

89 weeks = 623 days. The number Eighty-nine has Jewish gematria of 623.

"Eighty-nine" = 623 (Jewish)

The game ended with a walk-off home run by Tim Anderson, a speedy shortstop who is sitting on 89 career stolen bases. He was born on June 23rd, or 6/23.

His full name sums to 98 like how they won by a score of 9-8.

"Timothy Devon Anderson" = 98 (Full Reduction)

"Kevin Michael Costner" = 98 (Single Reduction)

He hit the home run off of Zack Britton.

Britton = 98 Ordinal and Zackary Grant Britton = 908 Satanic

The name on the back of his jersey sums to 310 and 360.

Anderson and Field of Dreams both = 3610 and 360

My original post explains how Field of Dreams is centered around the 1919 Chicago Black Sox scandal, which was actually an eclipse riddle. Consider how the team is named the White Sox, but were called the Black Sox due to the scandal. During an eclipse, the Sun turns from White to Black.

Currently, only 7% of MLB athletes are black. Tim Anderson is the only African-American starter on the White Sox.

"Tim Anderson" = 449 (Jewish)

449 is the 87th Prime number
The score was 8-7 when Anderson came to bat
It was his 87th career home run

"Black Sox" = 87 (English Ordinal)

White Sox starter Lance Lynn was born in 87. So was opposing pitcher Zackary Britton:

"Zackary Britton" = 87 (Reverse Reduction)

Britton was 233 days after his birthday last night:

233 is the 51st Prime number

Tim Anderson has a Life Lesson number of 51:(6) + (23) + 1+9+9+3 = 51

"Tim Anderson" = 51 (Full Reduction)

Anderson’s walk-off fell a span of 51 days after his birthday:

Shoeless Joe Jackson died in the year 51

Shoeless Joe Jackson

In the movie, Costner sees the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson, which inspires him to build the field.

Shoeless Joe Jackson and Joseph Jackson both = 205

The name Timothy Anderson sums to 205 in Reverse.

"Timothy Anderson" = 205 (Reverse Ordinal)

Anderson was born on June 23rd, the date leaving 191 days in the year:

Walk-off homer = 191, 133, and 61. Chicago Black Sox = 133 and 61

Recall how yesterday’s date was 8+12+20+21 = 61 and “Shoeless Joe Jackson” = 61 would currently be 133 years old. Field of Dreams was released on 4+21+19+89 = 133.

“Baseball” Riddle

"Baseball" = 171 (English Extended)

The famous voice from Field of Dreams is James Earl Jones, who was born on January 17th, written 17/1 or 1/17. This season culminates in the 117th edition of the World Series.

"Field of Dreams" = 117 (English Ordinal)

The game ended when Zackary Grant Britton gave up a home run to Timothy Devon Anderson Jr.

"Zackary Grant Britton" = 117 (Reverse Reduction)

Timothy Devon Anderson Jr. = 117 S Exception and Reverse Reduction

Each baseball has 108 double stitches.

"Major League" = 108 (English Ordinal)

"baseball" = 108 (Franc Baconis)

In Jewish gematria, Baseball sums to 141.

"Baseball" = 141 (Jewish)

Anderson has Primary birth numerology of 141:(6) + (23) + (19) + (93) = 141

Last night’s game in Dyersville, IA was played on the date leaving 141 days in the year:

"Dyersville, IA" = 141 (English Ordinal)

Winning pitcher Liam Hendriks, who was born on February 10th or 10/2, is from Australia.

Australia = 102 and 141

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