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MLB Field of Dreams Game – Yankees @ White Sox

Recall how in my recent post about the Field of Dreams game, I pointed out the significance of 133. The film was released on a date with 133 numerology, 331 days after W.P. Kinsella’s birthday. “Chicago Black Sox” = 133, and Shoeless Joe Jackson would currently be 133 years old.

Tonight, in the first inning, Jose Abreu hit a home run into the cornfield over the left field fence.

"Jose Abreu" = 1033 (Jewish)

Two innings later, Aaron Judge hit a three-run shot to put the Yankees in the lead.

Jose Abreu and Aaron Judge both = 96 and 57

Abreu is a span of 171 days before his birthday. Aaron Judge is a span of 10701 days old:

"Baseball" = 171 (English Extended)

Recall how James Earl Jones was born on 17/1. Judge’s home run was even on Lance Lynn’s 63rd pitch of the game.

"Field of Dreams" = 63 (Full Reduction)

"Aaron James Judge" = 63 (Single Reduction)

Eric Cooper Connection

Without the end date, Aaron Judge is 10700 days old:

Jimenez answered in the bottom of the frame with his own three-run homer.

"Jimenez" = 107 (Reverse Ordinal)

"Eric Cooper" = 107 (English Ordinal)

"Ritual sacrifice" = 107 (Reverse Reduction)

During the broadcast, Joe Buck mentioned that former MLB Umpire Eric Cooper, whose last MLB game was on 10/7, played a significant role in getting the Field of Dreams game to happen, as he was from Des Moines, Iowa, the state the game is in. I made this post on Cooper’s death in 2019.

Cooper died on the date leaving 72 days in the year:

"Cooper" = 72 (English Ordinal)

Field of Dreams = 72 S Exception and Reverse Reduction

What’s so intriguing about this fact is that in that post, I mention Cooper’s connection to Mark Buehrle, a retired pitcher who spent the majority of his career with the White Sox, the home team of tonight’s game in Iowa. Cooper was behind home plate for both of Mark Buehrle’s no-hitters, one of which was a perfect game. They even both wore #56.

Mark Alan Buehrle is 42 years, 142 days old on today’s date:

"Forty-two" = 142 (English Ordinal)

Mark Alan Buehrle

Buehrle shares 53 Latin gematria with Cooper, whose initials are E.C. or 5-3. He died just two months shy of his 53rd birthday. This feels like a good candidate for a final score.

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