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Senator John Warner Dies @ 94

Former Sen. John Warner dead at 94, married Elizabeth Taylor

On the morning of the big total lunar eclipse, we get news that former Virginia senator John Warner has died at the age of 94.

John Warner = 54 and 54

"Lunar eclipse" = 54 (Full Reduction)

In Jewish gematria, John Warner = 1804, Total lunar eclipse = 804

Senator John Warner was born on February 18th, written 2/18. This is the Hebrew value for the word Moon.

"Senator John Warner" = 218 (English Ordinal)

Moon = 218 in Hebrew

"Senator John Warner" = 97 (Reverse Reduction)

Warner’s Death and this morning’s subsequent news fell 97 days after his birthday:

"Death" = 97 (Reverse Ordinal)

For months, I’ve been calling this morning’s lunar eclipse the “Revelation” eclipse, as the date is coded into a bible verse in Revelation that mentions eclipses.

Consider how Revelation was written by John of Patmos, who Warned of the events leading up to Jesus’ return. This senator’s name was John Warner.

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